Better Body Language Can Improve Customer Service

body language improves customer service

When it comes to customer service, you usually find that there is always room for improvement.   Your employees have a direct impact on how customers view your business.   They are usually the first ones to come in contact with potential customers and their appearance, attitude and demeanor can easily be a turn off.   Maybe your employees aren’t even aware of the subtle signals they are giving out.

Luckily, there are small changes that employees can make to improve the way they come across to your clients.   Improving body language can have a direct impact.   It can do wonders to make your customers feel more at ease and comfortable with your business.

I’ve come across a helpful list of 5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Customer Service Skills Through Body Language posted on the blog, Customer Service Skills Guide. The most important tip to me is maintaining eye contact.

The easiest way to insure the customer knows you are paying attention to them and care about what they have to say is to keep eye contact with them as much as possible. Eye contact says: You’re the only person I’m listening to right now.

Each of these small adjustments are easy for your employees to incorporate into their everyday interactions with clients.   I would encourage you to share these simple tips with your employees.   Not only will it improve customer service quality but it will probably improve the office atmosphere as well.

5 Comments Better Body Language Can Improve Customer Service

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  2. Luz Spielberg

    I strongly agree with learning to smile and good posture. It’s a big turn off for me if I am about to shop in a store and a sales lady will welcome me with staring eyes and giving me signs that they don’t like talking to me about their product. Honestly, it pisses me off.

  3. Martin Lindeskog

    I participated at an event on Wednesday as one of the speaker at a kick-off for “summer entrepreneurs”. More than 100 high school students (between 15 – 20 years) were selected to get the opportunity to start a business during the summer.

    I talked about social media and personal branding. Other speakers talked about guerrilla marketing, business etiquette and social networking. I heard the advice on how to use your body language in a proper way.

  4. Don

    Great advice. A simple smile can do wonders. It makes clients happy to do business with someone who has a great attitude.

  5. Laura

    Customer service is huge. People are sometimes willing to pay more if they know the service, return policy, ease of shopping experience will be better.


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