Adding Email Into Your Business Marketing Arsenal

benefits of email marketingI was shopping over the weekend with my husband when I was surprised to hear the saleslady describe the store she was working in as “cheap” because they were no longer sending mailings in the mail, only via email.   I guess she was assuming that mailings were solely being discontinued as a means to save money, not realizing that email marketing also brings its own opportunities and benefits.   So when I came across Small Biz Bee’s recent article, 10 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Email Marketing, it reminded me of that particular saleslady.   If she had seen a list like this one, she would see that there are numerous benefits to adopting an email marketing strategy besides just saving money.   Maybe then she would stop making negative comments to store patrons and actually be able to explain the companies new policy in a positive manner.   If you’re searching for a reason to start using email marketing, read the list for some good reasons to give it a whirl.

3 Comments Adding Email Into Your Business Marketing Arsenal

  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Email marketing with newsletters, mailing lists, video email messages, etc. are good “ammo” for your “marketing arsenal”. I do think that regular paper direct mail will still be used as a marketing tool. People like to check the regular snail mail box too and to have something that they could scan through, make notes on, etc.

  2. Miles Technologies

    “there are numerous benefits to adopting an email marketing strategy besides just saving money” – very true! A well-defined email marketing campaign can be a low-cost yet highly effective addition to any online marketing arsenal.

  3. Peter of My Secret Staff

    Email speed things up, in making updates, doing business transactions anywhere in the world, send contracts… and it gives you unlimited person to contact and transact with. having an email makes everything fast and easy. There is no need to use paper, which can save money and the earth.

    email’s have been very helpful. Snail mail is a thing of the past. The only time I use it is when sending original documents.


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