Search Smarter For Your Twitter Followers

finding Twitter followersJoining Twitter and posting a few initial tweets is only half of the battle.   In order for your tweets to mean anything to anyone, you need followers to read them.   Followers make the wonderful world of Twitter go round.   Without them, your tweets are basically a waste of time. You need to establish a community of fellow Twitterers who have similar likes and interests.   With quality followers, you increase the odds that the tweets you publish about your business have a greater chance of getting passed along and shared with others.

Small Business Trends Radio has recently launched a slideshow showing readers 10 Ways To Build Twitter Followers.   These useful tips walk readers through 10 easy and simple steps to finding quality followers.   Once you practice these techniques for a while, you’ll be on your way to building a strong community centered around your business and your brand.

2 Comments Search Smarter For Your Twitter Followers

  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Great tips on how to get followers on Twitter. I have a problem at the moment that I can’t follow new people due to the follow limit rule around ~2000 users.

    My guess is that FriendFeed will get moment now when it is acquired by Facebook.

  2. Dawn

    Nice slideshow. I especially like “follow fridays”. I have found a lot of good followers that way. It’s good to give a little love back once in a while.


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