Budget Friendly Tips For Boosting Employee Morale

boost morale on a budgetBoosting morale and motivating employees has usually been centered around cash incentives and bonuses.   Not anymore.   You may be eager to keep employees satisfied but your budget has been slashed to practically nothing.   Have no fear, there are creative ways to keep employees happy without having to spend a dime.   Trent Hamm, of The Simple Dollar, provided Six Ways to Improve Employee Morale Without Breaking the Bank to the American Express Open Forum.

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to directly motivate employees: the bottom dollar. A cash bonus for the employee of the month can work, as can nice perks during the work day.

In my experience, though, the best techniques for improving everyone’s morale comes from outside the wallet. Try these six techniques and keep your checkbook and charge cards focused on other areas, like building your business infrastructure and promoting it to potential customers.

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