Chase Survey Results – Small Businesses Still Hiring

According to the results of a recent Chase Card Services survey, 49% of small businesses plan to continue hiring as usual.

The survey statistics come as a result of asking “CEOs and senior executives on the prominent Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing U.S. companies about their outlook on the economy, employment, general growth, and critical issues to their business, such as access to capital and cash flow management“.

Other key statistics:

  • 49 percent said they are still adding positions despite the economy
  • 76 percent said they believe the U.S. economy and their business will be doing better in three to six months
  • 59 percent are expanding into new markets and nearly as many (54 percent) say they are producing more revenue among existing customers
  • 80 percent of small businesses surveyed described their business as pursuing a moderate or aggressive growth strategy
  • 65 percent say that small businesses are very important in leading the country out of the recession

It’s very encouraging to see that small business owners are still forging ahead in this difficult economic climate.   I can only hope that results like these are actual indicators to real, positive improvements in our economy.   Do these survey results echo your small business’ plan for economic growth?

Read the complete Chase Card Services survey results in their recent press release…

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3 Comments Chase Survey Results – Small Businesses Still Hiring

  1. Dawn

    This is good news. It’s starting to look like things are finally making a turn for the better. Things will only improve when hiring improves and money starts flowing again.

  2. Chris DePuy

    Thank you for sharing this article. We’ve seen a stabilization in the business trends amongst our small business retailers, though it might just be “back to school” trends.


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