Work Smarter With Productivity Tools

productivity tools and tipsDo you feel like you’re always running around in circles?   I know I do.   On certain days, it’s a challenge to even finish one thing completely.   Martin Lindeskog has some tools and suggestions to help keep you and your business on a more productive path.

As a small business owner with plenty of entrepreneurial ideas, juggling many projects at the same, it’s hard not feel stressed now and then. The main goal is to develop a solid method that will help you to have a “mind like water,” instead of keeping all your mental stuff in the “RAM” (Random-access memory) version of your brain. The problem kicks in when you have about five different things to take care of at the same time or several things that you are trying to remember and keep in storage for a longer period of time.

I want to point out that the most important thing is to focus on how you could come up with your own personal productivity game plan, not to play around with new fancy tools and gadgets in order to get things done in a smart way. I think that David Allen’s latest book is declaring this in an eloquent way. You should strive to have control and perspective of both your work and life situation. David Allen says that it takes about two years to “learn to play banjo, dance tango, and speak Spanish.” It is the same time effort if you want to create and implement a new way of organizing your work flow process. It has taken me a longer time than a couple of years, but I am on my way nowadays.

Martin continues on to discuss some tips and tools to try for yourself.   If you’d like to read more, visit Martin’s American Express OPEN Forum article; Productivity Tools For Your Work Life.

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