10 Twitter Tools For Your Small Business

Twitter has become a great tool for not only meeting and communicating with people in your personal life but it’s also a great tool for business.   As I’ve shown you before, there are many Twitter apps you can use for marketing your small business.   There are additional Twitter tools that can also be used to monitor and track your business.   I’ve assembled a list of 10 tools that I think can be helpful to small businesses using Twitter.


EasyTweets – Even though this is a pay service, businesses with several employees can manage multiple marketing efforts from one single login.   Many, many other features are included depending on the plan you choose.

EasyTweets Twitter tool

Short.ie – Shorten and track any URL link from your business blog or website and post it to your Twitter account.   This tool provides you with stats and charts for the links you’ve shortened.

Short.ie Twitter tool

Twittercal – Add items to your Google calender directly from Twitter.   Sign up to link your Twitter account to your Google calender and simple send a direct message from your Twitter account to add it to your calender.

Twittercal tool

Twitterfeed – Easily publish your business blog updates from any RSS feed to your Twitter account.   You can customize how frequently you want Twitterfeed to check for updates.

Twitterfeed tool

Twitter Search – This handy tool is basically a search engine for Twitter.   Search and see what’s being said about you or your small business on Twitter.

Twitter Search tool

Twittertise – This tool lets you schedule tweets about your business or products while also tracking the click throughs.   You can then narrow down your marketing tactics according to the results.

Twittertise tool

Twitzu – This tool helps you create and promote events or contests on Twitter.   Your detailed listing is posted on Twitzu along with Twitter users who elect to participate in your event.

Twitzu Twitter tool

Twistory – Have you ever gotten confused as to whether you tweeted something and when?   Twistory enables you to add your Twitter feed to your favorite calender application and easily browse through your tweet history.   This tool adds your tweets to your calender and makes is easy to see and track your tweets at a glance.

Twistory twitter tool

Twubs – Search and follow groups of Twitter users organized by #hashtag topics.   Conversations are easily followed in real-time live feeds.

Twubs Twitter tool

Who’s Talkin – Search for conversations surrounding your business or topics related to your business.   This tool not only searches Twitter but also a variety of other social media sources too.

Who's Talkin Twitter tool

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  4. Martin Lindeskog


    Thanks for your interest! From my post, GoodThing in Life Carnival and Chat:

    “I am planning to kick-off the carnival during the Thanksgiving weekend. Please send your entries to me by email [Lyceum AT Gmail DOT com] before Sunday, November 22. It would be great to have some kind of chat in conjunction with the carnival. I am thinking of using Twubs or Tinychat. Please come with suggestions on how we could have a live session on this topic. If you are interested in hosting a carnival in the future, please send me an email or write a comment.”


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