2nd Annual Best Small Business Book Awards

vote for the top 10 small business booksLate last week, Small Business Trends announced the start of their 2nd annual small business book awards.   They have nominated 47 small business books for readers to pick their favorites from.   The top 10 books most voted for will be announced as the winners.

The Small Business Book Awards, presented by Small Business Trends, recognize the year’s best new books for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small business books are usually lumped in with personal finance, investing, and other advice topics for purposes of bestseller lists and honors. They are often overshadowed by bigger niche categories. Our Awards shine the spotlight specifically on small-business books.

Readers are given the opportunity to not only vote for their favorite small business book but they can vote for up to 5 choices.   To cast your votes, simply visit the ballot to do so.   You may only vote once so choose wisely!   Voting ends on November 30, 2009.   The winners will be announced on December 8, 2009.   Good luck to all of the authors that have been nominated!

Visit Small Business Trends for more information about the 2009 Best Small Business Book Awards…

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