Using Online Videos to Grow Your Small Business

ways to use online videos for your businessIf you’ve been watching any television lately you may have noticed the recent wave of Flip Video commercials.   Flip video cameras are small handheld devices that let you record high quality videos that you can share online.   For only a few hundred dollars, you can produce your own videos that can help you promote your business’ services and products.

Online videos are an easy and creative way to let your customers connect with you personally while also becoming familiar with your brand.   To inspire your creativity, Search Engine Guide has given us 5 ways in which we can use online videos for our small businesses.

  1. Product Demonstrations
  2. Profile Your Workers
  3. Put The Spotlight On Your Evangelists
  4. Record Special Events You Are Involved In
  5. Create Posts For Your Blog

So if you find that Santa has left you a Flip video camera on Christmas morning, this list will help you come up with some interesting ways to use it.

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