You Started A WordPress Blog, Now What?

beginner tips after starting a wordpress blogI have to say that I’m a little surprise that I am sharing the link I’m about to mention.   Why, you ask?   Because the blog author is only 12 years old!   But from the content I’ve read on Gloson Blog, the author seems wise well beyond his years.   You can find evidence of this in the recent interview of Gloson by Sarah Cook on Saturday Morning Mastermind.

Gloson’s blog is very impressive.   If his articles were posted anywhere else, I don’t think anyone would even realize the author was so young.   That’s why I was prompted to share his site with you.   I think it’s important to encourage young minds.

With my personal blog, I’m a recent WordPress convert.   It took me months of trial and error to get things settled.   Gloson’s article, 17 Important Things To Do After Starting Your WordPress Blog, would have come in really handy back then.

This step by step guide will come in handy for anyone just starting out with their own blog.   And even though it’s written as advice for WordPress users, most of the tips also apply to bloggers using other platforms.

Go through Gloson’s checklist and see if you’ve overlooked any of these WordPress blog startup tips…

4 Comments You Started A WordPress Blog, Now What?

  1. Gloson

    Hi Amanda. Thank you very much for your compliments, encouragement, and the mention here! I really appreciate it!

    I’m very glad you like my article about wordpress. It took me about 1 month to write, construct, and revising! ;-)

    By the way, nice blog here and I’ve subscribed to it ;-) .


  2. Latus Insurance

    I don’t know why starting a blog is more intimidating to me than starting my own business! These are wonderful tips that I’ll be sure to keep in mind as I ramp up my WordPress blog in the coming weeks.

  3. Anthony Kelly

    It really is NOT easier then it looks, but quite honestly the kids know it, and know it well. Us dinosaurs have to keep up in this world, but we have always used younger talent to help us keep up!

    We also had a few tips on SMB Blogging SMB Blogging>>

    Best regards,


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