New Marketing Trend: Text Message Marketing

text message marketingWith smartphones growing in popularity, it’s not hard to imagine that newer marketing tactics will involve tapping into the mobile market.   It’s amazing to me just how many people cannot disconnect themselves from their mobile phones.

In a recent podcast interview, Paul Rosenfeld discusses how text message marketing is quickly becoming the next must have marketing tool.

Let’s face it, we’re all connected to gadgets and information 24/7 these days. So, it only makes sense that tapping into these channels is going to be the next wave of the future.

Paul Rosenfeld, CEO of Fanminder, joins Anita Campbell for a discussion to explain, in detail, why text message marketing, in particular, is poised to be your next must-have tool to grow your business in 2010. Paul explains exactly how you can take easy steps to drive immediate revenues for your business.

Stay on top of upcoming marketing trends, visit Small Business Trends Radio to hear the entire interview with Paul Rosenfeld…

4 Comments New Marketing Trend: Text Message Marketing

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  2. Wes Masters

    Is texting the future or is it augmented reality? How can 140 characters compete with apps like Foursquare? Texting, if it already hasn’t done so, will replace emailing while apps that include reviews and coupons will be how to get at consumers.

  3. Paul Rosenfeld

    Wes – I agree that newer mobile apps will win longer term but not over the next 3-5 years. I also think apps like FourSquare are very nichy for now. It gets a lot of buzz but has 300K users vs. 270M mobile phone subscribers most who text. Best, Paul


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