10 Mistakes To Avoid For Better Email Subject Lines

email subject line mistakes to avoidAs business owners we all know the importance of our emails reaching their intended recipient with little resistance.   Along with avoiding spam filters, we all want to project a professional appearance.   So here are 10 Email Subject Line Blunders to avoid that will hopefully get your emails seen and read more.

I can’t tell you how many times I receive emails with these exact issues in them.   It always blows my mind that people continue to make these marketing mistakes yet they wonder why people are not responding to the emails.

The most annoying to me is #2, using all caps.   This is a definite turnoff and believe me, your emails won’t get read by me and only end up being deleted.   Browse through all 10 email subject line mistakes and let me know which one annoys you the most.

5 Comments 10 Mistakes To Avoid For Better Email Subject Lines

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  2. Jim Goodwin

    Bad spelling and grammar always make me feel like I’m being spammed. All caps insults my eyes and my brain. Of course, bad spelling and grammar in a subject line that is written in nothing but capital letters takes the cake!

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  4. Sumitha

    Thank you for your great tips Amanda..We are unaware of the things of using exclamation marks and symbols in the subject line that would make the readers think it as junk mails. These tips would greatly help the small business owners for effective email marketing!!


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