Vote For Your Favorite Small Business Books

small business book awards

The 2010 Best Small Business Book Awards are underway!   Every year Small Business Trends assembles a collection of around 100 books for readers to explore and vote for their favorites.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you enjoy reading books in your field, take a look at this extensive list of business books.   A brief description of each book entry is provided along with a link to the book.   Take a few moments to look around now, you’re sure to find something new!

Take a look at the entrepreneurship books, and vote for your favorites. It takes 10 seconds to vote “” no registration is required. Just click the VOTE button next to the title of the books you want to vote on for the top 10. If you don’t see your favorite there and you think it’s eligible, you can also submit it .

Hurry, voting ends on December 15, 2010.   You may vote daily for as many books as you’d like.   Vote now!

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