Are You Giving Potential Customers The Wrong Impression?

reasons new customers may not want to do business with you

I tend to be overly cautious when deciding to do business with a new company online.   With so many online scams out there, it can be quite simple to become a victim.   I always have my own little checklist of things I like to check before putting my faith (and money) in them.

Being busy business owners, sometimes we tend to overlook some of those very same high standards on our own e-commerce websites.   So being that it’s a brand new year, now seems like a great time to take a good look at how we ourselves may be scaring away potential customers without even realizing it.

Jason Kienbaum, of Business Done Now, recently posted a nice list of 10 potential red flags keeping new customers from buying from you.   These key issues are a lot of what I look for on websites I consider doing business with.   However, one of the first things I always check was not listed.

And that would be a full page of contact information including their full address, phone number and email addresses.   If I have to search for contact info like it’s an Easter egg hunt, I say so long.   How could you possibly trust a company when they obviously want to stay hidden and inaccessible?

6 Comments Are You Giving Potential Customers The Wrong Impression?

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  2. Sumitha

    Yes, you are exactly right. Our contact information would precisely make the customers feel that we are trustworthy sellers. To my perspective we can also add our photos, logos in the contact page to drive more attention to our business and also ensure that we are always there to solve their concerns.

  3. Lakshmi

    Thanks for the information on business. You are correct if we give the customers our details like phone, email and the location it will gain their confidence. We do small business services and we will keep in mind the tips given by you.

    Thank you


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