Skip The Gift – Give Your Employees An Experience Instead

skip the gift card - give an experience instead

Can you believe that we’re already beginning to discuss the holiday season?   I can’t!   The holidays still seems so far away but actually now’s a great time to get planning.

Last week on Small Business Trends radio, they talked with special guest Ety Rybak.   Ety is the co-founder of Inside Sports and Entertainment Group which can help you give your employees or clients event experiences instead of boring gift cards or certificates.

Ety Rybak feels that nothing beats a memorable experience – from tickets to a Broadway show and a backstage meet and greet to 50 yard line seats at the Superbowl.

If this sounds like something your company may want to try, listen to the full interview.   You’ll get all the information you need to consider such as lead time, general cost, and process involved.   Can you guess what the most popular event requested is?

3 Comments Skip The Gift – Give Your Employees An Experience Instead

  1. Tim Burke

    While I believe this is good advice in some instnaces, although there are variables to consider. One important consideration is…..what is the atmosphere within your business and what are your emplyees needing in order to feel appreciated. Is it a bonus check, gift card, tickets to an event, a work group event, a specific gift or service. Consider the personality of your team, the current culture and employees, what will make folks feel appreacitaed and the message you want to send your employees. Yes, gift cards can be sort of generic but sometimes they do the job.


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