Majority of Holiday Shoppers Will Buy From Retail Stores This Year

Recently Intuit conducted a holiday sales survey and produced The Small Business Owner’s Holiday Season Cheat Sheet infographic.   I found many of the statistics on this particular infographic interesting but one stood out most surprising to me.   According to Intuit, 69% of holiday shoppers will still shop in retail store locations.

Intuit small business holiday cheat sheet

That number seams really high to me.   I expected the majority of holiday shoppers to be more geared toward online shopping instead.   Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to avoid the holiday shopping crowds in the retail stores.   You can count me in as part of the 26% of online shoppers.

Take a closer look at the above holiday infographic.   Does any of the other statistics surprise you?

1 Comment Majority of Holiday Shoppers Will Buy From Retail Stores This Year

  1. Eric Lenington

    One of the numbers that surprises me the most is the last one. It’s such a large percentage answering “yes”, but what exactly does that mean? I can’t imagine too many retail shops transitioning from POS or dedicated credit card terminals to smart phones, and the question is irrelevant for online merchants.


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