Follow These Tips For Better Virtual Assistant Hiring

tips for hiring virtual assistants

Technology has made home based businesses and working remotely more possible than ever.   And the best part is that you’re not limited to your local area for your next hire.   Maybe you live and run your home business in a rural area and don’t have access to someone as internet savvy as yourself.   Where can you turn?   Why, online of course!

A virtual assistant may be the best option for your business needs and for your budget.   But just like hiring any other employee, there are still things you need to look out for and consider first.   The Frugal Entrepreneur has put together an awesome resource guide with tips and advice on hiring virtual assistants.   There are 5 sections to the guide that will help you with:

  • Steps to Take Before You Start Your Search for a VA
  • The Low-Down on Working with Overseas Virtual Assistants
  • How to Screen Applicants
  • Some Tips to Effectively Working with a VA
  • The Best Sites to Hire a Virtual Assistant”¦ And Some Other Resources

If hiring a virtual assistant is one of your goals for 2012, be sure to consult The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Good Virtual Assistant for Your Small Business first.

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3 Comments Follow These Tips For Better Virtual Assistant Hiring

  1. Chris Beamish

    Hi Amanda

    It’s so true that you can work with a virtual assistant anywhere in the world. I have worked with clients in Bermuda very easily.

    In these difficult times a virtual assistant is a cheaper alternative to employing an employee.


  2. Pete

    I indeed agree that work comes to an evolution, where you can hire people all across the world to work from home and technology plays a big role on its efficiency. I also believe that it is difficult to manage virtual assistant just like in a work place but the key to manage and work with them effectively is through constant communication. Where online tools like Skype is very useful to help improve communication. A quick tip before hiring a virtual assistant is to screen them first, which you can see the full potential of a person to do the actual work. That mostly cannot be seen through resume and interview.

  3. Johan Eriksson

    Communicating by screen-recording videos or screenmails with virtual assistants can save you a lot of time. It is often easier and more reliable than real-time screen-sharing, especially if you are not on the same timezone.

    When you are really running low on time, things as trivial as just getting each others’ microphones and speakers to work at the same time can really bring down the cost-efficiency. And, you are more likely to miscommunicate your meaning. With videos, you can always review what you were saying and only submit it if it came out right :)


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