Important Content For Your Small Business Website’s Sidebar

sidebar content for your small business websiteSometimes it’s the most obvious things that get forgotten.   That can be true for just about anything personal and/or business related.   In this instance, I’m referring to your blog or website’s sidebar content.

What to put within your sidebar seems obvious enough to most people but things can easily get overlooked.   That’s why I think Mandira Srivastava’s article on is worth reading.   In the article Mandira talks about 4 important things you should not overlook when filling your site’s sidebar with content.

Even those these items seem painfully obvious to most of us, you’d be shocked to probably know how many sites neglect to include them.   Read over Mandira’s list to make sure you’re not missing this important content in your own sidebar.

1 Comment Important Content For Your Small Business Website’s Sidebar

  1. Lloyd

    She talks about elements that could easily also be placed in the middle section of a website. In my opinion the sidebar should be used mainly for navigation.


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