Your Mental and Physical Health As A Blogger

As an at home entrepreneur or blogger, sitting in front of your computer for hours on end is your biggest work hazard.   I know from my own experience how fast time online flys each day.   Before you know it, it’s the end of the work day and you’ve been in front of your glowing computer screen for hours without getting up once.

blogger falling asleep

On days where that happens, I feel so sluggish and out of energy before the evening even begins.   I try to make a more conscious effort to take a morning walk or take multiple breaks during the day.   When I do this I find I can get more done.   I’m more focused and energized when I give my brain several breaks throughout the work day.   Otherwise, I’m mush when I finally log off.

Recently Dr Shannon Reece interviewed Rachel Blaufeld, Founder of   In the video interview they discuss tips and tactics for keeping busy bloggers and entrepreneurs healthy despite their hectic work requirements.   If you’ve been feeling blah lately, go check out the video interview to jumpstart your bloodflow again!

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