Quick Fix Ideas For A Better Website

5 easy ways to improve your website

Since it’s the middle of winter and I’m stuck here in the snow, I’ve been doing a little website clean up on my personal blog.   This is a great time of the year to do it without distractions of nice weather and fun outdoor things to do.   So I was happy to find a list of 5 Ways To Improve Your Website posted at Small Business Trends earlier this week.

Contributor Lisa Barone gives readers 5 simple things that can be adjusted easily to get you better results in the long run.   Things such as cleaning up your website navigation, your about page and your contact forms.   I took her advice on taking a closer look at my navigation and have been tweaking things a bit.   If you think your website could use a little sprucing up, read over Lisa’s list of ideas.

Website Construction Photo via Shutterstock

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