Avoiding a Small Business Data Disaster

Data is an important aspect of your small business.   Without it, performing business duties would be nearly impossible.   Losing it causes major headaches.   So why do some people still not guard their data like it’s gold?   Probably because they don’t know how to go about protecting their data.

small business data backup twitter chat

Have no fear, Anita Campbell and Symantec are here to help.   This coming Thursday, February 23, 2012, they will conduct a Twitter chat from 7pm to 8pm New York time.   Two Symantec representatives will join Anita to provide data backup tips for avoiding data disasters.   They’ll also explore the various choices for storing your backup data.

To participate in this chat all you need to do is follow the hashtag #SMBChat on Twitter.com at the time and date specified above.   For more information on this Twitter chat, visit Small Business Trends.   Hope to see you there!

Backup Photo via Shutterstock

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