Getting Your Personal Life and Work Balance Back

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, we’ll soon be swapping our home office chairs with outdoor activities.   With cold, gloomy Winter weather, you’ll most likely find me glued to my computer screen either working, blogging or shopping.   But come Summer, I’m more likely to take some me time and do something fun outdoors instead.

tips for getting better personal life and work balance

So this got me thinking about balancing my work and personal life a little better all through the year and not just during nice weather months.   How can we achieve a better balance instead of going from one extreme to the other?

I came across this collective list of tips from 16 fellow entrepreneurs for balancing your work-life.   My favorite is #4 – set some boundaries.   This is something I really need to work on.   I need to really limit what I do in evening hours after dinner time.

I often push my needs and household duties to the back burner just to answer email or check social sites.   I need to make it wait until the next morning.   Summer will definitely make it easier to stick to that though.   How about you, do you find it easier to take time for yourself in better weather months?

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  1. Wendy kaufman

    As the owner of a work life balance company we need to start by learning the skill of time management and sacrifice. We have to learn how to make hard choices and decisions quickly and effectively. We should start teaching this to our children early so that they do not have to learn this as an afult


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