Small Business SEO – Take It One Day At A Time

If you want your small business website or blog to be a success, SEO is unavoidable.   You can’t have a popular site without people knowing where to find you.   But how can you find the time to take the necessary SEO steps to get you found by many instead of few?   By taking small bites at it a little at a time.

small business seo tactics contributor Anton McCarthy suggests starting a 7 Day SEO Diet.   Each day of the week you’ll tackle one aspect of SEO.   But don’t quit after only one week, you’ll need to repeat these actions on a continual basis.   Go to and start digesting your new SEO diet now.

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2 Comments Small Business SEO – Take It One Day At A Time

  1. Shilpi Singha Roy

    The point about successful website quoted here is great. To be successful SEO is important and you cannot take up every action at a time, which can result in no SEO at all. Taking up tasks one at a time will surely be helpful.


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