Facing Cyber Bullies Head On

tips for facing cyber bulliesHiding behind a computer screen is an easy way to attack and offend people without having to be accountable.   And unfortunately a lot of people do just that these days.   They think it’s ok to go after you or your business without even thinking or caring how this will affect your reputation.

I’m sure we all realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but what happens when it goes beyond that?   What do you do or say to that person to nip it in the bud quickly before it gets out of control?   Do you contact them directly?   Or do you just block them at the pass?

Our sister site BizSugar would like you to give us your tips on dealing with these cyber bullies.   Tell us how you approach handling negative people when it comes to your business.   The best tip will win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.   Go to the BizSugar blog and contribute your tip now.

Cyber Criminal Photo via Shutterstock

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