Slow Website Traffic? Maybe You’re Committing One Of These Mistakes

Everyone knows that the success of your business blog lies solely with the traffic it can generate.   Slow or no traffic = a dead blog.   If you can’t bring people in and keep them engaged then you’ll never be able to share your products or services with your target audience.

3 reasons why you're not getting website traffic

So how can you pinpoint what exactly may be hindering your blog from gaining loyal readers?   Here are 3 good reasons why you site may not be getting the amount of traffic it deserves from

Do you have loads of ads and pop-ups on your site?   Get rid of them now!   Nothing is more annoying to me than not being able to read the actual content because things keep jumping out in front of it.

Hop over to to read the other two reasons your traffic may be at a standstill.

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