3 Ways to Tell Whether Your Business Needs a Mobile App

3 Ways to Tell Whether Your Business Needs a Mobile App

You may be considering developing a mobile app for your small business. While apps have the potential to increase your profits, consider whether this tool will really benefit your business.

1. Will your customers use the app?

Don’t develop an app just for the sake of having one. If there is no value in it for your audience, it will not be used. Before you have an app developed, consider what it will do for your customers.

Will the app make it easy to order from you? Will it persuade customers to spend money on your business instead of the competition? If not, you should likely stick with a website, and simply focus on making sure it is optimized for the mobile market.

2. What is the ROI?

Just like any other tool you buy for your business, you need to make sure an app is within your budget. Add up the costs of designing, developing, and maintaining an app, and estimate how it will affect your profits.

If the mobile app is sure to increase your profitability, it makes sense to get it. But if you will end up in debt for years due to a needless app that fails to attract more business, it may not be the right time for this addition to your marketing strategy.

3. Do you have time to update the app?

Like a website, you cannot just develop an app and forget about it while you watch the business roll in. You need to make sure you either have time to update it yourself if you are tech-savvy, or remember to hire a developer to do the job as needed. Either way, apps require some maintenance.

If you find that an app would not suit your business at this time, it does not mean you cannot revisit the idea in the future. It just means it is not the right time for it. Until this changes, you should focus on building a solid website that can be accessed by both computers and smartphones.

About The Guest Author: Gretchen Cathey is the Operations Manager for Worth Ave. Group, a leading provider of insurance for iPhones and tablets.

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1 Comment 3 Ways to Tell Whether Your Business Needs a Mobile App

  1. Shilpi Roy

    True when the business is just started “It just means it is not the right time for it” but in future mobile app is very useful and also the new upcoming thing.


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