The Pear Cut Diamonds

When a man loves a woman, he will want to ask her to marry him. He will need a diamond ring to give to her as a symbol of his love. Shopping with Rare Carat for a gorgeous engagement ring is one of the best things you can do if you are a man that is planning to ask his love to marry him. Even if you are already married, the rings make an excellent present during the year for a special occasion.

Pear cut diamond

The pear cut diamond is one that you will want to consider because it is really nice.

The Pear Cut

The pear cut diamond is a choice that you will have when you shop with Rare Carat. It is in the shape of a pear with E color and VS1 clarity. It also has a thick girdle. and a good polish. Take a look at the stone and then, you will want to choose the setting. There are quite a lot of choices to pick from so make sure that you get the right one so that she will really be impressed with the choice that you made.

What You Need to Know About Shopping with Rare Carat

You will also have an option to get lab made diamonds when you shop with Rare Carat. They look just like natural diamonds only they cost a lot less. They are grown in a lab. Natural diamonds are mined in the ground. Be sure that you consider this when you are picking out the diamond.

Saving money is always a bright side to shopping with this company. You will also receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer so that you can be sure that you are getting the very best when you place your order with Rare Carat.

You Will Love the Pricing at Rare Carat

The right price with Rare Carat will impress you. Since you will have the benefit of Al and the experts, there will be jewellers and wholesalers all wanting your business. That is why you will get the best price and also this is why America shops with Rare Carat for their diamonds. They are happy with the great deals that they get. There is a 100% guarantee on your order too.

Another great point is that you receive free shipping, returns, and resizing. All of this is yours and more when you shop with Rare Carat.

Customer Service Is the Best When You Deal with Rare Carat

You will have access to the best customer service in the industry when you deal with Rare Carat. They will give you the advice that you need about diamonds so you can ask them anything that you need to.

They will answer all of the questions that you have. Likewise, should you ever encounter difficulties with the shopping experience, they can handle these for you in a quick period of time. This is because their customers mean a lot to them and they want you to be as happy and satisfied as possible.


It will be time for you to visit the website at when you know that you want to marry her because you need to pick out the perfect diamond ring. The pear cut is an excellent choice and when you are ordering there is a chat line that you can use if you have any problems.

Make sure that you also jot down their phone number which is 866-720-4858 and their email address which is You will definitely impress her when you give her the ring so start shopping today at Rare Carat to get the perfect one.


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