Kicksta Review: Target The Right Audience & Increase Your Following

In this Kicksta review, we’re looking at one of the top Instagram Growth service options companies, marketers, and content creators can use to build their presence on Instagram.

Instagram strategy for increasing followers and interactions

After all, the more followers you have on a social media platform like Instagram, the more chance you have of being perceived as reputable, credible, and authoritative. As your follower count increases, so, too, does your reach, conversion opportunities, and even your engagement.

The trouble is, drawing attention to a new Instagram account can be tricky. With so many companies and individuals already active on the platform – more than 1 billion, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd without investing endless time into content creation and connecting with customers.

Tools like Kicksta aim to streamline and accelerate the growth process, by allowing you to automatically connect with targeted potential followers for your account.

Let’s take a closer look.

What’s Kicksta? An Introduction

Kicksta is an Instagram “growth service.” In other words, it’s a solution designed to help SMBs and other social media users extend their reach and improve the ROI of their marketing campaigns. Kicksta helps companies to reach new followers, using proprietary AI, targeting, and a tried-and-tested engagement strategy known as the “like” method.

When companies sign up for Kicksta, they choose target accounts relevant to their industry, followed by the kind of consumers or leads they want to attract. The AI algorithm then reaches out to the people following those accounts, liking a handful of their photos. This effectively makes new prospects aware of the company, and encourages them to visit the organization’s profile, where they can choose to like photos in return, follow the account, or take further actions.

Kicksta’s approach to Instagram growth is valuable for a few reasons. First, it’s not as risky as the “follow and unfollow” method, which can end up leading to penalties from Instagram. There’s also no risk of a company being labelled as “spammy” for sharing too many repetitive comments on posts.

Kicksta’s method also ensures you can not only attract followers to your Instagram account, but boost their chances of taking other valuable actions, too. Even if a customer doesn’t “follow” your account, they might spot a product they want to learn more about, contact your customer service team, or even visit your website to learn more about what you offer.

Targeting The Right Audience

One of the things that sets Kicksta apart from other solutions for Instagram growth is its focus on targeting the right audience for each customer. After all, it’s not just the number of followers that makes a difference to your Instagram success, but their quality, too.

The followers you want to attract to your Instagram account are the ones that’ll like your posts, engage with your content, and eventually buy your products. The last thing you want is to waste money on bot or fake followers who harm your brand reputation, put you at risk of penalties, and damage your engagement rate.

To help ensure you reach the right followers every time, Kicksta offers access to a range of targeting tools, and proprietary AI solutions. The “targets” you choose when you sign up for Instagram will show the AI algorithm what kind of followers you want to attract. There’s also the option to set up blacklists on some plans, so you can avoid reaching out to problematic accounts.

Depending on the plan you choose from Kicksta, the targeting options you have will vary. Even the basic standard plan gives you access to 10 Instagram targets, so you can strengthen your chances of attracting a vast audience. But if you upgrade, you’ll get access to “Advanced” targeting, which allows you to select individual hashtags and geo-locations for more precision-based growth.

You can even use your blacklist to tell the AI algorithm what types of accounts you want to avoid, such as those with connections to specific competitors, other companies, or hashtags.

Companies can change their target accounts at any time, and track the progress of their growth strategy within a dedicated dashboard, so it’s easy to see how quickly you’re achieving results, and which targets are driving the best outcomes.

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Kicksta’s Pricing Plans

Kicksta recently updated its pricing plans to offer solutions for a wider range of customers. The pricing structure is very transparent, and every plan comes with access to a 7-day money back guarantee, rapid growth, and exclusive onboarding courses. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, and there’s no contract required. Options include:

  • Standard: $69 per month for 10 Instagram targets, a moderate growth speed, and access to exclusive onboarding courses to help you get started. You’ll even get step-by-step guidance on how to optimize your Instagram account and generate more conversions.
  • Premium: $129 per month for all the features of Standard, plus you get access to 40 Instagram targets, and your own dedicated blacklist. You can also leverage advanced targeting features so you can focus on finding customers connected to a specific location or hashtag. The growth speed on this plan is “maximum”, which makes it a great choice for rapid results.
  • Pro: $189 per month for all the features of Premium, plus access to a range of InfluenceGrid monthly services. The InfluenceGrid services guarantee 1,200 new followers every month, so you know you’re going to generate big results. You don’t have to give an Instagram login on this account, and you can access a diversified audience from global influencers.

Finishing Thoughts

Many SMBs know that social media marketing is an important step towards expanding their reach and conversion opportunities. In this Kicksta review, we looked at one of the top tools available to help you accelerate your growth, with minimal effort.

Kicksta is a powerful, safe, and reliable growth engine, targeted at all kinds of business leaders. With the platform, companies can target the exact customers they need to increase sales and opportunities, without compromising on a strong brand identity. Kicksta automates the process of engaging with your audience for you, so you can focus on creating high-quality content.

If you want to increase your presence on Instagram quickly, and make sure you’re connecting with the customers that really matter, Kicksta could be the perfect tool for you.


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