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One of the best things about writing a blog over a long period of time is the large number of new connections and relationships you make with other small and large businesses, PR firms and reps and other bloggers. I like to give visibility for products and services, because readers find them valuable, as long as the information is presented as a resource and not as a sales pitch.

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We only publish fresh articles that have not been published elsewhere. With regard to requirements, here they are:

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  • We prefer insightful posts over informational ones.
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GUEST POSTS — Here at Small Business CEO, we welcome guest article contributions from authoritative small business owners, CEOs and/or leaders.  If you own and manage a business blog/magazine and you would like to have a post on our blog at no cost to you, in exchange for your insights valuable to our audience of small business CEOs.

SPONSORED POSTS — If you are an agency representing a client or a small business owner/CEO/leader who want more perks to promote your business, our sponsored post option is for you. Please note: The self-serving link uses rel=”nofollow” by default.

More benefits:

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ADVERTISING Get your business exposed to our small business CEOs audience. We offer various advertising opportunities and partnership. The possibilities are limitless:

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  • Custom Solutions: If you are interested in doing more than a banner ad, send us an email and we will work together to come up with something.

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