The Pros and Cons of Using Recruiting Scripts

One of the most important skills of a recruiter, no matter the industry, is knowing what to say. This can spell the difference between an interested, engaged candidate and a reluctant one. Having a recruiting script is extremely helpful in this regard, simply because it’s easy to forget about talking points when you’re dealing with tens or even hundreds of applications.

Job interview using recruiting script

photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

However, some recruitment managers shy away from scripts for various reasons. For one they fear sounding monotonous or worse, robotic. Some recruiters also feel like scripts don’t leave room for personalization, which is an aspect that many candidates look for in the hiring experience.…

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How to Protect a Work Vehicle from COVID-19 Spread

Protecting yourself from the virus that shook up the entire world is tough. It gets more challenging when you are working and have to interact with people. Whether you are in business and have to pick up products, share your vehicle with other employees, or have customers in the car, there are always chances of a germ spread.

Hand disinfectant, face mark, glove

Credit: KlausHausmann Via: Pixabay

When you are on the road and focused on getting your work done, it can be tough to focus on keeping yourself safe, but it still essential. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and others around you.…

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6 Benefits of Hiring Students For Your First Startup

The first startup of any business person is associated with risks. People are afraid to do something wrong or not see the proper response from the target audience. But the biggest fears come from hiring employees. Will a new person understand the specifics of the job and become part of an effective working mechanism?

Conversation with employee

If you want to launch your first startup, then you should pay attention to students. Here are six reasons why this is a good idea.

1. They’re Enthusiastic

Graduates of colleges and universities are exactly the kind of enthusiastic people and want to achieve success. Such guys selflessly take on responsibilities.…

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The Best Apps for 5 Essential Small Business Functions

Smartphones are perhaps one of the most important tools a small business owner has. Thanks to the power of technology, you can now access and manage pretty much every aspect of your business via a tap on your phone.

Businessman using business apps


Running a business is hard, and you need all the help you can get. There are a wide variety of apps that help you get things done and keep track of the important stuff.

Here are the 5 categories in which small business owners need great apps, in no particular order.


Your time is valuable, and it has many demands on it.…

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Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Business Insurance

Because every business owner needs to manage risk, whether getting a startup idea off the ground, growing a small business, or managing a renowned brand, business insurance is undeniably essential for all businesses. What’s more, purchasing insurance is probably one of the more straightforward methods of managing risk, as the benefits far outweigh the small cost.

Business insurance

With that said, there are still a few essential things that you should consider before buying just any insurance for your business.

Understand The Different Types Of Cover

Just like with any type of insurance, your needs will vary depending on a few factors. When it comes to business insurance, these factors will include the type of business you are running, what you specialize in, and your business assets.…

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How Can Your Team Benefit From Using An RSS Feed Reader?

We all need a helpful boost throughout the day to get all the work done at the job.

Working with a lot of information on top of daily responsibilities creates undue stress, and that’s why RSS comes in quite handy to declutter your digital life at work.

RSS feed reader

Armed with the right RSS feed reader, there’s not much you can’t achieve, and if you’re the boss, equipping your team with RSS readers is a smart move.

What is an RSS feed reader?

RSS feed reader is a handy application, whether browser-based or available to download on mobile devices, which syndicates content from sites with RSS feeds and presents any new updates in the order of their publication date.…

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Sitechecker Keyword Rank Checker Review: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re operating a website, then you know how important SEO is, and you probably also recognize the importance of automated tools to help you reach your SEO goals. That’s probably what’s led you to Sitechecker’s Keyword Rank Checker tool.Keyword researchFirst, let’s take a look at the parent company, Sitechecker. Sitechecker first came onto the market in 2016, and since then, millions have leveraged the all-in-one SEO platform to their advantage. Sitechecker makes it easy enough so that virtually anyone can use their tools to analyze their website, find errors, and find weak spots. This allows website developers and business owners to check website ranking with Sitechecker’s rank checker or make virtually any changes they need to make to get their SEO on-point and get their website higher in search rankings.

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Using Scalable Payroll Systems For A Seamless Business

Scalable payroll solutions are the perfect option if you want your business to grow. You need a company that can help you create a payroll system that grows at the same rate, according to your needs. The company offering the payroll solutions should work with you to develop a centralized plan. This guarantees the consistency of all processes and methods.

Payroll management using scalable payroll systems

An agile and centralized payroll management system is key to scalability. Therefore, you can expand into new markets, comply with local labor laws, and hire employees without disrupting your business.

Customized Solution

The company you use should be able to analyze your company and offer you a personalized solution.…

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Why do Workplaces Need Clean Bathroom Partitions?

As they say, a clean bathroom translates into good health. That’s true, especially to your employees, clients, and customers. In high-traffic areas like workplaces, a well-sanitized bathroom with clean bathroom partitions can go a long way. Studies show that poorly maintained bathrooms could cause many diseases, affecting the overall productivity of the employees. It would lead to a long-term loss of sales, negatively affecting the business.

Restroom partitions

photo credit: Evans + Paul / Flickr

Before we go over the list of reasons why workplaces need clean bathrooms and partitions, let’s find out the difference between disinfecting and cleaning first.

What’s the difference between disinfecting and cleaning bathroom partitions?

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Why Business Meeting Audio Matters More Than You Think

Many businesses are starting to run meetings remotely through applications like Skype and Zoom. A handful of larger corporations prefer hosting meetings with high-level audio-video equipment professionally installed in a conference room.

Virtual business meeting at home

Both methods are suitable for hosting meetings – as long as the audio quality is good. When audio quality is bad, even the most expensive video conferencing equipment is worthless.

There are a handful of technical issues you need to manage when hosting virtual meetings, but here’s why audio should be your top priority.

1. Getting high-quality professional audio isn’t complicated

If you haven’t improved the audio quality of your virtual meetings because you think it’s too complicated, think again.…

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