What is Small Business CEO?

Small Business CEO is a business blog aimed at Small Business CEO’s.

You will find:

  • A collection of useful articles for Small Business CEOs organized in categories that match the major functions of a business. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of starting, running and leading your own business.
  • A directory of Helpful Websites that serve the Small Business market.
  • Fresh content is added regularly including how-to instructional articles and resources dealing with current hot topics like internet marketing, social media, unique business models, financing as well as news and information from the Small Business world.

This site was started in 2004 by Steve Rucinski. In 2008 the site was acquired by Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends LLC. In 2013 the ownership of Small Business CEO was transferred from Small Business Trends LLC to Ivan Widjaya.

Ivan Widjaya – Owner/Editor

Ivan Widjaya is the current Owner/Editor of Small Business CEO. He is also the Owner/Editor several small business online blogs/magazines, such as Noobpreneur.com. He is also a Web publisher, content strategist, and content marketer.

Steve Rucinski – Editor Emeritus

Small Business CEO was founded by Steve Rucinski, a 30-year management veteran from Ohio, USA. Steve has worked in large businesses and small and also owned two different small businesses of his own.

Steve operated the blog from anywhere he could get an internet connection but most often from his home office. He pulled content ideas from his vast experience, his self-proclaimed career-long role of leadership and management and the ever growing network of global small business resources.

In late 2008 when this site was acquired by Small Business Trends LLC, Steve was “kicked upstairs” to the largely ceremonial role of Editor Emeritus with an open invitation to come back and blog again if he ever got the urge.