The Business Debt Recovery Process

Most, if not all, firms may need to pursue an outstanding debt at some point, regardless of their industry. To help with cash flow, it is crucial for many firms to effectively handle the recovery of unpaid debts.

Debt collection meeting

Businesses must have a comprehensive debt recovery procedure in place to do this, and they may also want the help of a qualified debt recovery solicitor to guarantee fast payment of bills. The business debt recovery team at Myerson Solicitors can help you recover what is owed to your business.

How Long do Businesses Have to Collect a Debt?

Businesses in England and Wales have six years from the due date of the payment to pursue the unpaid debt.…

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The State of High-Risk ACH Transactions In 2023


What are the most recent regulations and guidelines put in place for high-risk ACH transactions for 2023?

High-risk Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are subject to a variety of regulations and guidelines set by both federal and state authorities. These regulations and guidelines are designed to protect consumers and financial institutions from fraud, errors, and other types of financial crime.

The most recent regulations and guidelines for high-risk ACH transactions include the following:

  1. NACHA Operating Rules: NACHA, the National Automated Clearing House Association, sets the operating rules that govern ACH transactions. These rules are updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in the industry and address new types of fraud.
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How to Choose a Forex Broker: What You Need to Know

Everyone wants to make money quickly, risk-free, legally, and without spending additional resources or time. People can use this strategy through forex trading, also known as the trading of foreign currencies. However, shrewd investors and traders are aware of the crucial contributions that technology, trading facilities, and, of course, expert guidance and support can make.

Using trading platform

Both individuals and companies can profit from supervised direct market access and, as a result, trade stocks, foreign currencies, bonds, and funds among other things on many global market locations. Today, a large number of brokers operate both offline and online to help with the finest transaction execution at very low commissions.…

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How Currency Trading Works – The Key Considerations

While the financial marketplace is packed full of diverse securities and asset classes, forex and stocks are arguably the most popular among investors.

Currency trading

While each of these assets are similar in some respects, they also have numerous differences that afford them distinct benefits and disadvantages that makes them suitable in different market conditions.

In this post, we’ll compare the two markets closely, while asking how currency trading works and offering some advice on how to avoid the recurring losses that plague up to 70% of FX traders.

Forex vs Stocks – The Key Considerations

In terms of similarities, you can invest in both stocks and forex through CFDs (contracts for difference), while spread betting is another investment vehicle that can be used in this respect.…

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9 Ways to Save on Car Rental

Every year more and more people choose in favor of using a rented car when traveling. Complete independence in movement can be felt only in your transport. Taxis or public transport trips are not always convenient. Therefore, the best option to get acquainted with a new country, if it is not a problem for you, is a rental car.

Car rental

photo credit: Unsplash

A rented car allows you to save time as a business person and get to know the country better as a traveler. The cost of the service varies, and there are always little tricks to save money on renting a car.…

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How can Japan be a Suitable Destination for Profitable Bitcoin Activities?

As we know, Bitcoin is still in its early developmental stages and is not yet fully understood by the mainstream public. However, there are already many businesses and individuals who have started to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. This trend is particularly evident in Japan, where a growing number of merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin payments. Explore immediate connect if you want to gain proper information about bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Japan

photo credit: Pixabay

There are several reasons why Japan is an ideal destination for those looking to profit from Bitcoin activities. First of all, the Japanese government has been very supportive of the cryptocurrency industry.…

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How Small Business Owners Can Plan for Rising Interest Rates in 2023

As the owner of a small business, it is a good idea to keep up with news about interest rates — even when the news is not great. While the rise in interest rates is designed to help curb inflation, it can also mean that taking out a loan can cost more, which in turn may negatively impact your small business.

Rising interest rates

To help plan for a successful 2023, despite the rise in interest rates, consider the following suggestions:

Assess Your Loans

If you are currently paying off a balance on a business credit card, the amount you are paying for interest will probably increase.…

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Difference Between Stock Market and Bitcoin Trading

In simple terms, the stock market is a venue where securities, such as bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and debentures, can be exchanged. According to this website, stock markets are regulated by government control, unlike crypto markets. Comparatively, stock markets are older if we compare them to the relatively new crypto markets that lack trust.


The stock market is essential for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their future ventures and expand their companies. On the other hand, buyers who purchase a company’s equity can generate profits by selling these securities in the market and betting on the company’s growth prospects.…

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How to Get a Small Business Loan When You Have Bad Credit

Cash flow is important when you run a business. It’s how you pay your daily operating expenses, buy inventory, and pay your employees. But there will be times when your business isn’t bringing in as much cash. There will be other times when you’ll need a lump sum of cash to pursue an opportunity, like expanding your space or taking advantage of a bulk discount on supplies. You’ll need to get a business loan.

Taking small business loan

But what if you have bad personal credit and a low or nonexistent business credit score? Getting a small business loan when you have bad personal credit or bad business credit can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.…

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Top 4 Money Saving Tips for 2023

Getting out of debt, building a savings account to tap into if you suddenly need more money, and investing can improve your life. They say that money can’t buy happiness, but people who don’t have to worry about money are happier. People who are getting richer every year are happier than those getting farther into debt.

Money Saving Tips for 2023

Saving can be difficult because your spending increases when you make more money. Getting a raise or a better job won’t necessarily save you from living paycheck to paycheck. Some people go into debt for a big purchase after getting a raise and end up worse off than they were.…

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