Crucial Things To Know To Survive a CRA Audit

More and more companies are facing audits from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Now that the agency ramped up assessments of small to medium-sized enterprises, you want to ensure that your company can survive a CRA audit.

CRA audit

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Fortunately, audits are nothing to be afraid of if you comply with tax rules. Another thing that can help you get through the process is learning the tips below.

Ask Questions

Before the audit starts, you must confirm what taxation years are under assessment and what records will be needed. Doing so can help ensure you have all crucial documents ready when the auditor arrives.…

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How to Choose the Best Place to Buy IRA Gold For Retirement

When you start thinking of retirement, it is normal to be scared of how financially secure you would be at this stage of life. This is why many people invest in different ventures while working to secure a better future for themselves and their family members. One such venture you should invest in is a gold retirement account.

Gold IRA

A gold retirement account (IRA) allows you to invest in precious metals. Unlike the traditional IRA, this account allows you to trade in other secured investments. To successfully own one though, it is important you choose a reliable company.

With so many such companies out there, it is vital to never choose at random.…

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Where to Find New Crypto Projects in 2022?

Today, cryptocurrency has replaced the way of payment and earning money for many network users. That is why crypto traders are looking for proven ways to invest money in successful projects. But where can you find them?


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There are many fraud platforms in the network that offer fake projects to make dishonest money. Fortunately, you can bypass such unacceptable platforms. There are many honest and reliable platforms willing to support the development of cryptocurrency. We will make it easier for you to choose a platform and search for crypto projects.

Check out our list of the safest platforms to find the best crypto projects.…

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Why You Need an Accountant

If you are self-employed, it’s important to ensure you have professional help when you do your taxes. Sure, you can do it yourself, but if you don’t have enough experience, that might be a bad idea.

Small business accountant

However, did you know that there are bookkeeping services for small business owners that can assist when it comes to getting a loan, reviewing your documents, assisting with succession and estate planning, and even providing services as a virtual CFO?

Since accounting has to do with interpreting data regarding a company or individual’s operations and finances, a certified public accountant (CPA) is also a critical part of your team of financial advisors.…

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What are White Good Loans? How to Apple Online

White good loans are a type of loan designed to help people purchase white goods. White goods are large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. They are so named because they used to be all white in color.

White good loans

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These days, they come in various colors, but the name has stuck. If you are looking for a way to finance the purchase of a white good, you may want to consider applying for a white good loan. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about these loans.

What are the Benefits of White Good Loans?

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4 Things to Know About Payday Loans

Are you considering taking out a payday loan for an emergency, such as a medical bill or catching up on your car repair? Do you think that payday loans are too good to be true? Well, here’s what you should know about them before choosing an online lender like FlashApply and heading down the route of becoming one of the five million Americans with a payday loan.

Online loans application

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans

When you need a short-term financial solution, a payday loan can be a great option. However, there are also some cons to consider before taking out a payday loan.…

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How to Use The Exchange Platform for Investing in Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is not just a new digital currency but also a way of transforming our outdated global finance system. Platforms like The official website offer numerous trading options and help you start your bitcoin trading journey without any dedicated training. Moreover, the exchange platform for investing in crypto is a legit way to be involved in this emerging market, and the list of available exchanges goes on and on.

Crypto trading

Blockchain technology represents one of the most significant revolutions in modern history because it promises significant improvements over traditional systems. Yet, while blockchain’s usefulness has been tweaked as more and more industries worldwide have come to fruition with its use, it remains difficult for many people to understand how it works simply due to its abstract nature.…

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Credit Cards for your Business

Companies are continuously looking for ways to improve how they manage their spending, to increase cost-efficiency and the effectiveness of the process.

An aspect of this that’s risen in popularity in recent years, is the use of virtual credit cards, which offer an innovative way to better manage your corporate spend.

Virtual credit card

However, as with any new software for your business, it’s important to first understand every aspect of these virtual cards, before deciding to implement them into your company.

Therefore, this article will take you through what virtual credit cards are, as well as the pros and cons of using them in your business.…

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What Qualifies as an Itemized Deduction

Like most people, you probably think of deductions as a way to reduce your taxes. But that’s not quite what they are. A deduction is a tax break that allows you to take an amount of money out of your taxable income and use it to lower your overall taxable income.

Itemize deductions

These Types of Deductions can be Either Personal or Business Deductions

Personal deductions include things:

  • Medical expenses (deducting them can help reduce your taxable income by up to 40% if you’re a high-income earner).
  • State and local taxes (deducting them can help reduce your taxable income by up to 40%).
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Managing The Costs of Company Cars

Company cars are an invaluable resource for many businesses. They can serve as team member perks or provide a means of transportation for operational purposes. However, acquiring and sustaining business vehicles is costly, mainly when working with a small budget. Ultimately, finding ways to keep these expenses to a minimum is ideal. Continue reading for advice.

Company car insurance

Go Electric

The cost of electric vehicles has dropped significantly since they were introduced to the market. There are also more vehicle types to suit your budget and company needs. From compact and economy cars to SUVs and trucks, you can purchase an environmentally-friendly vehicle at a low rate.…

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