Palm Jumeirah and Four More Areas in Dubai to Invest in 2022

Dubai is famous for many things: excellent conditions for the activities of foreign entrepreneurs, great opportunities for recreation and entertainment, a high standard of living, an ever-expanding job market, etc. But for many, Dubai represents the ideal real estate market. Construction here does not stop even for a minute.

Palm Jumeirah

photo credit: Jason Mrachina / Flickr

Every year, new and new properties are added to the already existing magnificent buildings that amaze with luxury, the use of the latest materials and technologies, and the convenience of planning. Although, some may consider villas prices in Palm Jumeirah, Downtown and other areas of the city quite expensive, others understand that this is a highly profitable investment that is able to bring its owner a high ROI.…

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Passive Investments That Pay Off

There are many different types of passive investments that can potentially pay off. Some of the more common ones include real estate, stocks, and bonds. While there are no guarantees with any type of investment, those who choose to go the passive route often find that they have less stress and more peace of mind, knowing that their money is working for them, even when they’re not actively involved in the day-to-day operations.

Passive investments

The following will explore some of the more popular passive investments and how they can provide a stream of income.

Real Estate

One of the greatest and biggest benefits of investing in real estate is that it can provide a steady stream of income.…

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Which Gives More Profits in Crypto? Trading Or Investing?

Trading and investing require different approaches to the cryptocurrency market. While trading involves frequent risks and constant market monitoring, investing requires a more relaxed approach. It is possible to combine the two strategies to maximize your profits. However, cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile market that should be cautiously approached.

Crypto trading & investing

photo credit: Ivan Babydov / Pexels

To avoid losing money, it is important to understand the main differences between trading and investing.

Trading or Investing

You should know a few things before you begin trading or investing in crypto. The first thing is that the crypto price in a cryptocurrency OKX trade spot is very volatile, which means you could lose a lot of money in a day.…

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Why Automating Cash Forecasting in 2023 Is Important

Using manual methods for cash forecasting has always been a long and tedious process. Along with being time-consuming, manual methods also increase the risk of costly errors that leave business owners wondering, “What is cash flow forecasting really doing for my company?”

Many of the problems businesses face with creating cash flow forecasts can be solved with automation.

Cash flow forecasting automation

photo credit: Joshua Sortino / Unsplash

Here’s why automating cash flow forecasting is important.

Data Input Takes Too Long

It’s no secret that manual data input requires a lot of time. Prior to automation, this was something that just had to be accepted as par for the course.…

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How to Pick the Perfect Company to Provide the Top-Rated Cost Segregation Services

What if it turns out that this year is the year that you finally get that substantial credit note on your income tax return? If your business has a positive cash flow, you could make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. We can assure you that this happens daily, although it might sound too good to be true.

Cost segregation

Cost segregation studies are an acceptable method of analysis that adheres to all requirements set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you work with a company that employs a whole team of experts, as they will be in a better position to provide you with the best cost segregation services.…

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Palm Jumeirah Guide: Where to Buy Real Estate

Before the where, it will be important to talk about the why. Palm Jumeirah is a magnificent man-made island that basically looks like a dream come through.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

photo credit: Abid Bin Nazar / Pexels

The palm shaped island is an extraordinary beauty, whether you see it from a plane or while surfing the net for your next vacation. Whatever it is you want, is what you can get in this beautiful island.

Luxury and class is the language of Palm Jumeirah. Living in the palms is living in luxury and in paradise. The palms offers a lot of apartments for sale and acquisition which is sure to come with ease of life as everything that one may need is available at your dispensation.…

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10 Trading Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Money In The Commodities Market

Are you a newbie in the stock and commodities trading game?

Whether you’ve yet to take off with your first investment or you’ve already made a couple of trades so far, there’s still a lot you need to learn about the market and the secrets of trading successfully.

Stock and commodities trading

Today, we will reveal the 10 most common trading mistakes beginners make and also tell you how to get by them without risking your money.

1. Not Choosing the Trading Platform Wisely

A trading platform can make transactions much quicker than traditional trading ways. These automated systems can allow you to make comparisons, keep a watch on trending commodities, and make a quick call when required.…

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Step by Step Guide to Building a P2P Payment App

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment is an online transaction system that allows individuals to transfer money from one account to another without going through a financial institution. Here, we will walk you through how to develop a P2P payment app. We’ll also look at today’s best examples of mobile payment applications.

P2P payment app

Source: Codetibuton

P2P payment apps have been around for quite some time now. PayPal, Venmo, and Google Wallet are some of the earliest examples of mobile payment apps that allow users to send and receive money without going through a bank or other financial institution.

Since then, many other P2P payment apps have entered the market, each with its unique features and offerings.…

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How Decentralised Exchanges are Evolving for The Good

The cryptocurrency market got DEXs, which stand for “decentralized exchanges,” in 2014. Users can trade a wide variety of assets through these exchanges.


Still, the first versions of these systems might not be accessible for people to use. But designers have worked hard to make them easier to use and simpler since they were first made.

On a decentralized exchange, users can trade with each other directly instead of going through a central platform. Smart contracts, which are used to carry out the orders that traders give, make this possible. When traders choose a decentralized exchange (DEX) instead of a centralized exchange (CEX), their money is not kept on the DEX.…

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5 Estate Planning Tips To Protect Your Family And Assets

Most people don’t like talking about end-of-life topics like estate planning. While it may be uncomfortable to talk or think of the ‘ifs’ of not being around someday, estate planning is critical for your overall financial plan. After all, an estate plan is all about making sure that your investments, assets, and wealth are handed down to your family in the most effective way possible.

Estate planning

Creating an estate plan can be complicated and comes with numerous considerations. To help you get started, here are five estate planning tips to protect your assets and family when you pass away:

1. Assemble Your A-Team

Estate planning is a complex process.…

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