6 Common Accidents Commercial Property Insurance Covers

Commercial property insurance is crucial for protecting your business. The risk of damage to your assets, employee injuries, and customer harm is more significant than many business owners realize.

Commercial property insurance

For example, The Hartford conducted a study and found that 40% of   businesses would experience a property or liability loss within the next ten years. Therefore, ensuring you are insured is crucial to protecting you should the worst happen.

Here are the most common accidents commercial property insurance covers.

1.   Theft

People talk about insuring their businesses, but you may not realize that your coverage extends to the assets within, including tools, equipment, and inventory.…

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Benefits and Risks of Crypto-Loans

Cryptocurrency lending

Advantages of crypto loans

  • Cryptoloans are issued to anyone who can provide collateral or return funds as an instant loan. Due to this quality, they are easier to obtain than a loan from a traditional financial institution, and there is no need for a credit check.
  • The smart contract automates the entire process, making lending and borrowing more efficient and scalable.
  • This is an easy way to earn passive income with minimal effort. Holders can put their cryptocurrency in a vault and start earning annual interest income without having to manage their credit.

When acted responsibly, crypto-lending platforms provide value to both the borrower and the lender.…

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5 Ways to Reduce Inventory Holding Costs as a Small Business Owner

They say that many small businesses permanently close at some point within their first few years of operating. One of the reasons for this is the continuous expenses businesses require in order to keep up and running. Unfortunately, these expenses don’t go away, even if the business isn’t profitable or making sales at all.

Inventory management

Inventory holdings costs are one thing that may burden small business owners. So, how can we reduce these costs and, in turn, help make running a small business more affordable so that business owners can be more successful? We have some useful tips for you.

1. Don’t Overstock on Items

It’s easier said than done at times, but it’s critical to make sure you aren’t overstocking on items.…

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Why Seek Help from Debt Advisers for Management of Debt?

Debt or overdue payment impacts the financial strength of an individual and reflects negatively on the credit score. Bad financial decisions and overspending pile up debt that further increases interest rates. However, if you are struggling with debt problems, it is highly recommended to seek help from debt advisors. A counselling session helps find a way to take care of the debt while avoiding the route of filing for bankruptcy.

Get out of debt

Here are some strong reasons to get professional help for excellent debt advice Canada. It helps manage the debt and builds a credible financial history.

Prevent filing for a bankruptcy

When you are loaded with debt, it is challenging to think straight.…

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What are Some Car Insurance Buying Tips for a First-Time Buyer?

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, especially for first-time car buyers. There are a lot of factors that first-time buyers need to consider, with car insurance being one of the most important ones.

Automotive insurance

If you want to keep your brand new car financially protected against accidents, theft, disasters, etc., it is important to secure the vehicle with comprehensive car insurance. However, buying car insurance for the first time can be a complicated and intimidating process. So, we have compiled a list of valuable tips that can help you get a better understanding of the car insurance buying process:

Research Different Car Insurance Plans

There are dozens of reputed car insurance companies in India that offer car insurance plans of varying costs, features, and benefits.…

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5 Budgeting Tips for Small Businesses 

Operating a business is a rewarding and often profitable endeavour that also comes with the responsibility of maintaining and managing financial transactions. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many small businesses struggle to manage cash flow problems because of insufficient funds and a lack of contingency planning.


Credit: snowing Via Freepik

Small businesses need to prioritize money management and cash flow to increase their chances of survival, but according to a survey, only 54 percent of small businesses had a budget for 2021. That means the other half of small businesses have yet to build a budget to set themselves up for success.…

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Cash App for Your Business

Modern techniques of money transfer have been made possible by cutting-edge technologies. We no longer have to endure long waiting periods for payments to be processed. Snap transfers are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

Cash App

One aspect of the whole Square financial services ecosystem tends to go unnoticed when it comes to commercial transactions, despite the fact that it is one of the most well-known companies in small business credit card processing. We are discussing Cash App, a well-liked peer-to-peer transaction app and lightweight Bitcoin trading platform.

Despite the fact that Cash App is mostly used for personal transactions, you may use it for business transactions by creating a business account in just a few easy steps.…

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Start Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Many people are still unsure about what it is and how it works, but that is changing quickly. More and more businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment, and there are several reasons why small businesses should start using it too! In this blog post, we will discuss five of the main reasons why you should start using Bitcoin for your business.

Bitcoin accepted here

photo credit: Duncan Rawlinson / Flickr

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not influenced by the fluctuations of standard currencies. This can be useful for small firms because it frees them from the risk associated with traditional currency fluctuations.…

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5 Managing Tips to Improve Your Business Finance

Financial knowledge and decision-making skills help businesses in many ways. Companies can make sound and informed financial decisions through critical thinking and problem-solving.

Business finance manager

photo credit: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

However, not every business owner has adequate financial literacy. If you have limited business finance experience, this list of tips may help you manage your business finances.

Budget and Stick to It

Budgeting is one of the most crucial pillars of your business’s overall success and security. It helps you in planning and controlling your business finances. A budget plan also ensures that your business meets its objectives, funds its current commitments and future projects, and makes more informed financial decisions.…

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