How to Advance Your Career in Real Estate

Imagine you’re presented with a deal. It is promising to be the best one in your life. However, you must seize it right now and right away or risk losing it.

Real estate agent on the phone

What are your thoughts? The answer is clear; you will jump at the chance of becoming wealthy beyond your dreams and won’t give a second thought to what is on the table.

But this is actually how many people think about starting a career in real estate. They are so thrilled about the prospect of being their own boss that they decide to be impulsive and jump into it without a well-planned roadmap.…

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Stepping Up Your Amazon Business

Anyone running an online business needs to consider the benefits of selling and advertising on Amazon. In addition to being the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has a whole ecosphere designed to keep shoppers engaged and shopping on the platform.

Amazon delivery boxes

There are benefits to selling at Amazon compared to other platforms, but there are considerations that advertisers need to be aware of, specific laws and regulations in other countries that may be different. A quick review of those laws to be compliant and considering outsourcing specific considerations like an Amazon importer of record to protect inventory and from potential liability are necessary.…

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5 Key Ingredients to Building a Great Workplace

As a small business CEO, you want to succeed in your industry. But your success depends in part on the people who work for you.

Flexible business team

Creating a company culture that people love to work for takes some effort. You’ll need to see beyond numbers and industry standards. You’ll need to look at the people who work for you as individuals with unique backgrounds, skills, and needs.

By seeing your workers as people and giving each person an opportunity to learn and grow, you can begin to build a great workplace.

1. Focus on the People

It’s easy to get focused on outcomes, processes, and the work.…

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How to Spend Less and Make More in Your Start-Up

Are you looking for smart tips to tackle expenses, spend less, and make more in your start-up? Whether you’re just beginning, or are a little further, you know that you need to be passionate and smart to succeed. That’s why it helps to keep these five tips in mind for launching a successful small business.

Startup money management

Ditch the Debt Habit

If you’ve had a habit of putting everything on credit, this bad habit may be catching up to you. It’s tempting to put things on a card when you’re starting. But, over time this practice can help you drown in debt, pay extreme amounts of interest, and prevent you from achieving your goals.…

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Shipping Logistics for Beginners

Shipping logistics is a complex topic with endless jargon to master. This article will give you an introduction to the basics of shipping logistics and how they can be used in your business or career.

Shipping logistics

What is Logistics?

Shipping logistics refers to the process of moving goods or products involved with transportation between countries, which includes addressing, storing, packing, and delivering them. These industries are often grouped by proximity, like the UPS and FedEx companies.

Shipping logistics within a country are often referred to as freight shipping. Freight shipping involves moving goods from one location to another, from a manufacturer to a wholesaler or retailer.…

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3 Steps to Forge Collaborative Teams

Creating collaborative teams is one of the best approaches to build a successful business. According to research from Slack, “trusting colleagues to do good work is a top collaboration concern.” The research also found that a majority of surveyed employees agree that ease of communication makes for great collaboration. Although collaboration does not guarantee success (it can fail), without it, your organization is at a disadvantage.

Building a collaborative team

To understand how to build collaboration, let’s first discuss the characteristics of an effective team and the differences between collaboration versus cooperation.

In cooperative teams, work is compartmentalized. Tasks are divided and assigned to team members to work on independently. …

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3 Ways to Increase Your Small Business Productivity

Running a small business is not easy. As well as keeping an eye on profit margins, you must consider things like quality control, customer satisfaction, and a host of other things that could make or break your business.

Productive employees with high morale

Another area that needs monitoring is productivity. If your business isn’t running as efficiently as it should be, or your employees lack motivation, it can severely affect your business operations.

Here are 3 ways to increase your small business productivity.


One of the best ways to ensure your employees are as productive as possible is to ensure that they receive adequate training.…

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Growth Plans for Small Business

Marketing is an integral part of business, with various strategies employed by organizations to grow their customer base. This holds true for small businesses as well which need to build brand awareness and market reach.

Growth planning

When you are a startup, the first thing to do is make your presence felt in your specific industry by implementing proven marketing strategies. This might take time as well as money, but such interim steps will help you establish a strong foothold in the business space that you operate.

There are many small businesses that successfully implement off-line and online marketing techniques to grow their customer base.…

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Tips for Cultivating a Cohesive Company Culture

The times are strange for business. There are many vacancies and companies who need hard workers. The culture in companies is changing. Between teleconferences and remote work, cultivating a cohesive and productive company culture is more difficult.

Company culture

Still, it is imperative to create an environment that is both effective and pleasant. This is true even for a digital environment.

Below are some tips to help owners and management alike create a cohesive company culture that will lead to success and happiness in the staff.

Hold Weekly Meetings

Whether you are in the office or are working remotely, holding weekly meetings is important to create a cohesive company culture.…

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Listening to Your Customers to Improve Your Business

If you’ve just started your business and are wondering how to ensure its success, you’ll know there’s no certain solution. Yet, you can significantly improve the chances of getting your business off the ground by listening to your customers.

Listening to customer


Being flexible with payments and offering more options will always appeal to more potential customers. PAX SDK helps you accept credit card payments and other payment options, whether your business is retail, hospitality or creative. If you’re unsure about using this, you can access full support on how to use the equipment and ask any questions you have about processed transactions.…

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