Your Small Business Will Need These Tools When Growing to the Next Level

Believe it or not, some entrepreneurs want to start small and stay small. They have no intention of growing beyond their current level. They like things just the way they are because it is familiar and something they can manage. They have no plans for the business to continue after they leave it.

Brewery small business

photo credit: ELEVATE / Pexels

They started the business for a specific reason such as the following:

  • They lost their company job and had to support a family
  • They inherited the business
  • They needed to push themselves to see if they could be successful on their own
  • They had a particular passion for a specific thing

All of these are valid reasons to start a business.…

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A Comprehensive Overview of Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon, precisely known as FBA, is a storage and shipping service offered by Amazon on behalf of sellers. As a seller, all you have to do is send your products to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) team

photo credit: South Carolina State Library / Flickr

Amazon then takes over picking, packaging, storage, and sending it to the respective buyer. It is also the work of Amazon to take care of post-sale services such as returns, refunds, and customer service.

As a business owner, this could sound like a good plan for your business, especially if you are operating an e-commerce business. So, is Amazon FBA worth it?…

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Impressing Business Partners & Clients

The economy is competitive. With the restrictions, turmoil, and economic hold-back, companies of all kinds need to get back to work. So many different businesses need new business partners and a growing number of clients.

Meeting with business partners

photo credit: August de Richelieu / Pexels

Whatever you’re involved in, every manager and owner needs to be on their toes to cultivate an environment to attract investors, skilled partners and employees, and happy clients. To do this, you’ll need to impress the people you want to do business with.

Here are some tips on how to satisfy everyone you’re involved with while getting the best deal for your company.…

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What to Consider When Hiring an Effective EOR for Global Team Expansion

As the business world grows more and more competitive, companies are starting to adopt new strategies to keep their businesses afloat. For many large firms, one of these alternative strategies is to expand their global reach.

Hiring using Employee of Record (EOR) service

Many companies appoint EOR services to handle global operations successfully, but many challenges come with such a monumental task.

By understanding the role of Employer of Record or EOR, businesses can make an educated decision about whether they should be hiring them.

Here are some tips for managers and senior leaders to effectively pick the best service.

What can an EOR do for You?

Using a global Employer of Record guarantees that all your banking, insurance, taxes, human resources, facilities, and contract terms are fulfilled.…

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3 Support Networks to Help Your SME

Being a small business owner is like running through landmines at the best of times. One faint misstep can be the difference between success and failure.

Small business support network

And this is arguably truer than ever before. With mega-corporations like Amazon continuing its stranglehold on almost every market, high street stores are shutting at an alarming rate.

And as Covid-19 swarmed across the globe, the Guardian reported that Great Britain’s high streets lost more than 17,500 chain store outlets in 2020.

In an interview with the Guardian, head of consumer markets PwC Lisa Hooker said, ‘The full extent will be revealed in the coming months as many of the [company restructures] and administrations in the early part of 2021 still haven’t been captured, including department stores, fashion retailers and hospitality operators that will leave big holes in city centre locations.’…

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Five Steps to Setting Up Your Home Office for Success

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, there has been an immense shift towards remote working. The number of individuals who are now working from home has increased substantially and, therefore, so has the need for home offices.

Home office setup

It’s important to get your home office set up correctly so that you can be as productive as possible. You need the right lighting, the right equipment, and the right mentality to have a successful workday.

Here’s how you can set up a great home office…

Find a Comfortable Chair and Desk

Comfort is key. The last thing you want from your home office is an uncomfortable set up that causes neck or back pain.…

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Is Freelancing For You? The pros and cons

Freelancing isn’t for everyone. Being your own boss can be both rewarding and challenging. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours.

Freelancing in a home office

Today, more people than ever are choosing to freelance. Freelancing has become a lifestyle choice for many, and these freelancers are doing it all: from photography, graphic design, blogging, copywriting and web development to writing code, designing apps and marketing etc.

Before deciding freelancing may be right for you, decide what you want to get out of it. Here are the pros and cons that other freelancers have shared to help you decide.

The Pros of Freelancing

Freelancing is becoming a more popular career choice, and with the many benefits it comes, it’s easy to see why.…

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How Call Spamming Can be Damaging to Your Business Reputation

As a business, one of the most important things you have is your reputation. It takes a lot of time to build up a customer’s trust and loyalty, and it can be shattered pretty quickly if you do something wrong. That said, it’s not always you who ruins your business reputation.

Call spamming victim

If there is someone pretending to be a part of your business, who scams or upsets one of your previously loyal customers, and they don’t realise that it’s not actually you, or someone from your company, this can be really negative for your reputation.

Hopefully, people will do a phone number search and this will tell them that it is a common scam, and not actually a call from your business but this relies on people using this online service.…

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Adapting to Change Can Help Protect Your Business

When you want to keep your company running smoothly, one of the things you have to consider is how well your business can adapt to change. Companies — and individuals — who aren’t good at adapting may find that they’re not having the level of success they’d hoped for. That’s because the world of business moves and changes rapidly, and if you’re not keeping up with it your competitors can easily leave you behind.

Change management

Customers want to work with companies that are staying up with the latest and greatest in their industry. You can be one of those companies, if you’re committed to focusing on the value of change.…

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Tips for Successful Customer Data Management

Regardless of the type of business you run, the industry you’re in, or the clients you service, you and your team surely collect data about customers frequently. In this day and age, when data is more prevalent and vital than ever, not to mention lucrative to hackers, it’s crucial to track, manage, secure, use, and preserve client details effectively.

Customer data management

This idea may sound a little overwhelming, but the practice doesn’t have to be. There are multiple steps you can take to manage data in your business successfully.

Work Out Your Goals

It’s essential to get clear on exactly which goals you’re pursuing with data management, so you can be more focused on collecting and managing relevant information.…

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