Hunter Hobson Discusses Networking Strategies That Work Best For Entrepreneurs

Networking is a vital component of any successful entrepreneur’s toolkit. Whether you are just starting out in business or looking to take your business to the next level, networking can be an invaluable resource. However, it is essential to understand that not all networking strategies are created equal.

Business networking strategy

Some networking strategies may work better for certain entrepreneurs than others. Hunter Hobson discusses strategies that have proven effective for many entrepreneurs in this blog post.

The Power Of Referrals

Referrals are one of the most powerful tools for building connections and relationships with potential customers and partners. When someone refers you to another person or company, it reflects positively on your brand and shows that you have established trust with those within your industry.…

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How to Increase Fleet Business Profitability with Telematics

Even after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the fleet and transportation industry around the world has stayed strong. During that time period, people had to stay inside their homes to avoid infection and thus most shopping was done online and delivered by vehicle.

Fleet vehicle management system

Telematics solutions became one of the strengths of the US industry during this time. With the help of telematics solutions, fleet companies have been able to track and monitor their vehicle diagnostics while also improving the safety and productivity of drivers in these few years.

So, it comes as no surprise that multiple field service businesses in the US are saving millions every year just by analyzing telematics data.…

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Packaging Solutions: Is It More Than Just Boxes?

Packaging solutions are more than simply boxes that transport your items from one location to another. The kind of packaging products and their size and weight affect practically every other aspect of the supply chain, including transportation, packaging costs, environmental effect, and the time your staff spends preparing each box.


Packaging plays a big influence on the perceived value of a product. The packaging business hasn’t evolved much in recent years, especially compared to the ongoing improvements in portable technology. With so many packaging and box options available in today’s market, choosing the best packaging solutions for your goods might be tough.…

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Where to Buy Products For State, County, and Local Government Offices

If you run a government office, there are a variety of sources you can turn to for purchasing the products and services you need. Many rely on local vendors in their state, county, or city while others seek out nationally-recognized suppliers. You can also opt for working with a company with a GSA contract.

Government purchase contract agreement

Here are some of the most common places to buy products for government offices.

GSA eBuy

For federal agencies, GSA eBuy is the go-to marketplace for purchasing supplies and services. This program is run by the General Services Administration (GSA), and it provides access to over a million products from established government contractors.…

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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your B2B Database

When marketing your business to other businesses, or B2B marketing, your data can be an invaluable asset. Access to a leads database is essential for running successful cold call campaigns or using ABM display advertising to reach prospects.

B2B database backup

In this article, we’ll discuss some helpful tips and tricks that you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your B2B database.

Get in touch with your precious customers again

If you’ve been in business for a while, you likely have a database full of customers. However, even though you have their information, they need to be actively engaged with your brand. To make the most of your B2B database, it’s essential to re-engage with your customers regularly.…

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How to Keep Your Business Secure

Security is a top priority for any business. It’s essential to protect both your physical and online assets in order to ensure that your business remains profitable and successful. Here are some important tips for keeping your business secure.


Why is Business Security Important?

Business security is important because it helps protect the assets of the company, including physical assets like data, equipment, cash, and other items. Having adequate security measures in place can help prevent theft or vandalism and keep employees safe. It also helps prevent unauthorised access to confidential information or data, which could lead to a breach of privacy or a data leak.…

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9 Ways to Save on Car Rental

Every year more and more people choose in favor of using a rented car when traveling. Complete independence in movement can be felt only in your transport. Taxis or public transport trips are not always convenient. Therefore, the best option to get acquainted with a new country, if it is not a problem for you, is a rental car.

Car rental

photo credit: Unsplash

A rented car allows you to save time as a business person and get to know the country better as a traveler. The cost of the service varies, and there are always little tricks to save money on renting a car.…

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The Needs of a Small Business

So you finally got the courage to start your own business. Congratulations. It is not an easy decision. Small businesses have unique needs that must be met in order to be successful.

Small business owner working

You need to think about the technical aspects, sales, financing, and marketing. You might need to consider Colorado Springs small business loans.

The Needs of a Small Business

  1. Financing: Small businesses often need financing to start, expand or sustain operations. This may include funding for equipment, inventory, and working capital.
  2. Marketing: Small businesses need to market their products or services in order to attract customers. This may include advertising, public relations, and promotional activities.
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How to Look After Your Health at Work

Understandably, our health is typically our primary concern – even if we aren’t often the best at making health-positive decisions for ourselves. Just as our habits at home can have serious impacts on our wellbeing, so too can work, and in a variety of ways.

Employees on a office break

Workers might experience job-specific hazards or general mental strife, leading to potentially avoidable physical or mental harm. But what can we do to improve our health regarding our work?

Wear Appropriate Clothing

This suggestion does not necessarily apply to every worker in the UK but is no less essential to consider for those it does apply to.…

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3 Tips for Building a Culture Based on Recognition

Being a “shot caller” comes with recognizing value, especially when your company hangs in the balance. Delivering value as a newbie can speed up traction for success. You may wonder, “What does value mean in this context?” Value means the output of consistent ideas, strategies, and efficient communication that supports the main goal.

Employee recognition

Leveraging momentum towards a common destination, no matter what stage or phase of entrepreneurship, helps in the long term. As an entrepreneur, it is also important that you receive recognition for the value that you deliver. When you’re working solo, getting the recognition you deserve can be difficult, so cultivating a culture that supports recognizing importance helps the overall well-being of those involved.…

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