Most Important Business Skills of 2022

The world of business changes—sometimes very quickly. Skills that didn’t even exist ten years ago can be in high demand today. To thrive in the business world, it’s important to regularly examine your skillset, and see what could use updating.

Businessman analyzing business numbers

Sometimes this might mean reinvesting in your education. Other times, it could just mean learning independently. In this article, we present a list of skills that are important for doing business in 2022.

Data, Data, Data

Data processing and implementation are skills that drive the modern business world. Big companies may have an entire staff dedicated to these exact tasks, along with an overall company-wide policy of using data as much as possible.…

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How Neglecting Your Mental Health Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

Stress is reaching new heights with deadlines and corporate politics’ ever-increasing pressure. Though you might feel an intense sense of accomplishment when you get a proposal accepted or a project deadline met, the work doesn’t stop there.

Businesswoman dealing with mental health issue

There will always be one more thought to tweak for tomorrow’s meeting and another mountain of tasks to conquer. There are so many tasks in front of us that we lose focus on ourselves – our well-being.

Missing out on self-care can have disastrous effects on your health, affecting your ability to do your job well and keep up with the demands while on the clock or outside office hours.…

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3 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture

A company’s culture determines how employees operate in the workplace, how they interact with one another, and how a customer perceives your business based on the quality of service they receive.


The average adult spends over 40 hours of their week in the workplace, meaning that the type of environment they are working in is likely to have a major impact on their lives outside of work. Maintaining a positive work environment will not only lead to higher rates of retention among employees but will create higher levels of productivity for your company as happy employees are shown to want to work harder.…

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How to Handle Controversial Topics in the Workplace

In any workplace, there will always be controversial topics. Whether it’s politics, religion, or even just different opinions on the best way to do something, these topics can cause tension and conflict.

Colleagues having serious talk

While it’s important to allow employees to express their opinions, as long as they do so respectfully, there are some steps you can take to help manage controversial topics and keep the peace in your workplace.

Let’s take at some common controversial topics you might face in the workplace and some of the steps you can take to handle them.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation has long been a controversial topic in the workplace.…

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Increasing Your Potential as an Entrepreneur

Having a dream to start your own business is one thing, but turning that dream into a reality is a completely separate entity and one that can come with some challenges. It often isn’t easy starting your own business from nothing, and it can take some time before you start seeing revenue, but it’s a dream worth pursuing if you’re determined enough and if you keep sight of your end goal.

Salon owner

Create a Business Plan

Every successful business started with a business plan. A business plan is something that outlines how you’re going to go from a brand new start-up to where you want to see your business in five years, ten years, twenty, and so on.…

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Why ‘Work from Home’ May be a Part of Our Business Life Going Forward?

Work from home used to be a luxury that employees could use on select occasions. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, work from home has today become a part of our lives. The pandemic and the resultant lockdown saw companies permitting employees to work from home. This was done keeping their health in mind to prevent them from getting infected.

Work from home

photo credit: Roman Odintsov / Pexels

Work from home was a success with most companies reporting the same or increased productivity. Virtual meetings and ‘zoom conferences’ became a part of work life. People from various sectors across the world have become accustomed to working from home.…

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Tips for Coaching and Inspiring Others in Your Business

How has your life been changed by the people who trained you, taught you and coached you? These individuals have more of an impact on our lives than we can ever imagine.

Business coaching

As adults we remember the ones who took the time to coach us as children. Even as we go through life as adults, we’re inspired by the people who listen to us, advise us and motivate us.

Could you be someone like this?

There are many ways to get into the rewarding career of coaching, from coaching programs to personal blogs of suggestions. Today we’re going to investigate several tips for a great coach and consider why this career is such a rewarding vocation.…

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7 Topics to Include in Fleet Safety Training Materials

Running a fleet for your small business gives you a lot of freedom. It’s important to train your staff and drivers to understand your company’s expectations when it comes to driving any of the fleet vehicles. It’s also important to train them on good driving habits, personal care, and even how to protect themselves on the road.

Fleet driver safety

When you’re designing training for fleet safety in your business, look to best practices in the industry, as well as company-specific safety needs.

1. Theft Prevention

One of the most important topics to include in safety training is theft prevention. Do the drivers know how to prevent theft when they pull out their fleet fuel cards to get gas?…

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When Should You Move Your Business Out of Your Home and Into an Office?

When do you know it’s time to move your business out of your home and into an office space? This is a question that many business owners face. There are a lot of factors to consider when making this decision, such as budget, company size, and type of business.

Clean office environment

We will discuss some things to think about when moving from home to the office. We’ll also provide some tips for finding the right office space for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Moving Your Business Out of Your Home and Into an Office Space?

When you first start a business, it can be tempting to try to save money by working from home.…

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The Benefits of Using a Mobile Event Application

In this digital era, smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. About 83.72% of people worldwide own a smartphone. Being portable and accessible, smartphones are highly convenient, hence their quick adoption. This has opened up new opportunities, some driven by a necessity like event applications. In a recent survey, about 35% of the event planners agreed that this event technology has been among the most significant game-changers for the sector.

Event attendee is using a mobile event application

photo credit: Daria Shevtsova / Pexels

Mobile event apps are now a vital part of many events. All-in-one mobile event applications that allow attendees to view event schedules, book tickets, post images, scan their tickets, follow live updates, and interact with other attendees are becoming increasingly popular.…

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