KNOWLEDGE: Take Your Small Business Global

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– Do you need new markets to grow?

– Do you have a perception that going global is a huge effort?

– Do you have the Global IQ to get it done?

– What are the best countries to export to?

– What resources are there to help me?

These questions and more are answered by one of the best Small Business Globalization experts available, Laurel Delaney on our SMB Trendwire AudioCast. Learn more about what we call WII-FM (What’s in it for me) in taking your small business global. Laurel answers several audience questions and talks about what a small business should do and not do to go global.…

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INTERNATIONAL: Melding Radically Different Corporate Cultures

Small businesses can learn many lessons from this interesting article on Chinese computer make Lenovo Group who just bought IBM’s PC unit.

Here’s a question posed in the article: American multinational companies outsource manufacturing to China. Why can’t a Chinese company outsource management to the United States?

Read more at Global Expert, Laurel Delaney’s Blog HERE

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INTERNATIONAL: Trade Mission Builds Chinese Ties for Small Businesses

When James Kunkel breaks out the old football platitude about “the best defense being a good offense,” he’s talking about a playing field that spans the Pacific Ocean all the way to China. There, Mr. Kunkel, executive director of the Center for Global Competitiveness at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, is seeing major new opportunities for small business from the region.

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FINANCE: Small Businesses Can Save Money with Good Credit Score

Right now “” when holiday bills start arriving “” might not be the best time to mention this, but have you thought about your credit rating? Your personal credit rating has an important impact on your business, so you’ll want to know about a new federal law that entitles you to one free credit report from the three nationwide credit-reporting agencies each year.

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IT: Open Source for Small Business, it Could Save You Money

The open-source buzz has been heard in corporate IT departments for a while now. But lately, Main Street mom-and-pops are listening, too. A recent Jupiter Research survey shows a growing number of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) using open-source alternatives to Microsoft products. About 9% of SMBs are using Red Hat Linux on the desktop, and 7% are using the OpenOffice productivity suite, which contains word processing and spreadsheet programs.

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ENTREPRENEUR: Young or Old Just Do It!

This series of articles about some real life entrepreneurs is very informative and fun to read, not to mention the great lessons that are embedded in the stories. Check it out! It Starts…

“Calvin Carter was a success story, no doubt about it. He’d started his Web development company in his room in the early ’90s at Southern Methodist University and grown it to 55 employees. The quiet kid from Florida who liked solitary pursuits (he missed the ocean, deep-sea fishing, sand) had dropped into the back-slapping, money-loving, it’s-all-about-who-ya-know-kid capital of Texas and created his own business. He was his own boss, answering to no one.”

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HUMAN RESOURCES: New ADA Rules Could Affect Small Business

The NFIB reports that the Department of Justice is planning new rules related to the Americans with Disabilities Act that could have a significant impact on small businesses.

“Existing federal rules that establish what businesses must do to make their buildings and stores accessible under the ADA may change dramatically as the DOJ considers changes to the 1991 rules.

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GUY KAWASAKI: A Guide to Anyone Starting Anything

Art of the Start by Guy KawasakiWhether you are a current business owner, a prospective business owner, a non-profit organizational leader who wants to grow, or someone who is tasked with a new initiative to lead inside a large company; Guy Kawasaki has compiled a no-nonsense guide for you called: The Art of the Start.

The stated goal of the book is to: “Help us use our knowledge, love, and determination to create something great WITHOUT getting bogged down in theory and unnecessary details. “

Speaking to this goal, one of the best things about the book is how it is organized. Almost each chapter could stand on its own, this means that you can pick any spot in the book, start reading and gain valuable insight and knowledge.…

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ENTREPRENEUR: Starting an Internet Media Business

Join us on Thursday, December 16 at 4:00 PM (East Coast U.S. time) for a Conversation with Eric Olsen, of the popular culture blog Blogcritics.

Eric will be talking with Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends, and me, about his experiences building an online media business with over 650 authors. Eric uses a blogging platform (a souped-up version of Movable Type) for his media business. And amazingly, he does it all from his home office.

Eric has some great stories to tell. They’ll make you laugh, they might even make you cry. But they won’t be dull.

No site is quite like the freewheeling Blogcritics — and no business model is quite like it either.…

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