The Best Home Franchises to Invest Your Time Into in 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt and alter the daily lives of everyone living in the UK – and indeed around the world – companies around the country are continuing to adapt.

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For many, this means the new experience of working from home and the teething problems that naturally arise from that. For some, it means something less fortunate; the loss of your job is likely scary and disruptive to your life.

However, sometimes, this change presents a new opportunity. Researching and investing in home based franchises could be the ideal chance for a restart as we head into the new year.

If you want to learn more about the best franchises to invest your time – and potentially money – into in 2021, then read on.

Education Franchises

If you have some form of education in a popular subject such as maths, English, science, or a humanities subject, then investing in an education franchise could be a good move for the start of the new year. With continuing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s increasing tier systems, additional education routes such as online tuition are growing in popularity.

You could offer tuition services yourself, or else get involved with behind the scenes work with a pre-existing education franchise.

Accountancy and Financial Franchises

Following Christmas and the financial chaos of 2020, many people will be looking for professional assistance when it comes to getting their affairs in order. Thanks to this, accountancy franchises will likely see a boom in popularity at the beginning of the new year.

If you have work experience with any form of accountancy, why not take a look and see if there are any accountancy franchises looking for a fresh set of franchisees?

Management Franchises

Many companies across the UK have had to cut back on staff, resulting in the investment of cheaper management staff outsourced to them by franchises based around the country. Because of this, management franchises could see a rise in new client uptake.

This means it’s a great time to get involved with one – especially as many franchises require staff with a multitude of management talents.

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Marketing Franchises

One positive thing that has arisen from the pandemic is that, with so many of us stuck at home, more and more people are taking a chance and starting up their own franchise, e-commerce shop, or freelance business. With this comes many opting to invest in marketing services provided by a professional marketing franchise.

If you have experience in content marketing, graphic design or web development, then investing your time in a marketing and design franchise could be a wise move to make at the start of the new year.

Office Based Franchises

Similar to management franchises, office-servicing franchises might see a boom in popularity as 2021 rolls in. This is because many companies will prefer to have their day-to-day administrative work carried out by professional office franchises that can offer reliable services at an affordable price.

The great thing about getting involved with an office franchise is that it doesn’t necessarily require any formal education or work experience – a skill set of the right skills, which include attentiveness and patience, could be equally beneficial.

Delivery and Van Based Franchises

As previously mentioned, much of the UK is now under a tier system; this tier system will be in place well into the next year. Dependent on the tier your home is in, non-essential shops may be shut. Due to this, households are once again relying on online shopping to get many of their goods. This is made even more prevalent by the fact that many will still have money from Christmas to spend.

Thanks to this, delivery franchises will see an incredible boost of use as we ring in 2021. If you can drive, getting involved with a delivery franchise could be an easy way to make some money and capitalise on the boom.

There are many benefits to starting your own franchise or joining one of the many franchise opportunities that has already established itself. For one, you may have more freedom over your work schedule and can work at times that suit you. For another, you could have more choice over the tasks you perform – especially if you start your own franchise.

As always, be sure to research a franchise well before you join it. You want to ensure that you and the franchise will be a good fit.


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