6 Steps to Establishing High Standards of Employee Performance

As a manager, it is important you clearly define performance standards for employees. Employees need to know what performance level is expected, what performance is below standards, and what it takes to achieve high standards of performance.

The most convenient time to set performance expectations is during a performance review or at the time of hire or the start of your business planning cycle.

Here are the 6 Steps to High Employee Performance:

1. Identify what you would consider ‘stretch goals’ for the employee, that is, the goals for performance that exceed the job requirements and are challenging, yet attainable.


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Making a New Hire in 30 Days (or less)

I have worked for and with so many businesses that seem to take forever to move through the hiring process. I believe that once you commit to adding a new employee, you should move with expediency. Your business will benefit from the injection of new talent and your candidates will certainly appreciate (and share with others) how effective your company is at the hiring process.

I am making a couple of assumptions here I want to share before I suggest some improved process steps to you.

The assumptions are:

You have a job description, you have competency descriptions for the position and the compensation is defined.    …

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Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs

Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs is now available at The Great Big Small Business Show.

This week is a mashup of 6 different podcasters discussing various aspects of Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs.

(Below is the transcript from my portion of this weeks Great Big Small Business Show)

This is one of my favorite topics, I have been giving presentations for just about 25 years and I have learned many lessons along the way. Today I want to share with you what I think are the Top 3 keys to Delivering an Effective Presentation.

Key Number 1: Focus on your audience.

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How to Build Client Relationships

A few years ago, before I started my own business, a friend and I set out on a research project. We wanted to know why some people could make an effective relationship with someone very rapidly and others would take much more time and sometimes they would never get to the point of having a good relationship.

We were doing this study in the context of selling, why would some people get to a trusting relationship quickly and therefore have a higher likelihood of sales success?

Of course we felt that trust was the key to a successful sale of anything that is complex and expensive.…

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How to Fire Someone – The Right Way

I think the article referenced below is very good. It describes all of the important steps to effective performance management. The first company I managed in believed strongly in a consistent process whose real aime is to CORRECT the performance problem, not to hurt employees. It has worked well for me over the last 25 years.

Firing an employee–looking someone straight in the eye and telling them they no longer have a source of income–is one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do as a business owner. It’s often as hard on the person giving the bad news as it is on the person receiving it.

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7 Great Reasons to Have an Advisory Board

By Anita Campbell (www.smallbiztrends.com)

We can all benefit from good advice, and that makes advisory boards a hot topic for the savvy CEO and business owner.

In recent years, advisory boards have become an increasingly popular tool for endeavors ranging from Fortune 100 companies to one-person shops. That’s because a Board of Advisors can do more to make your business grow than any other comparable expenditure.

So here’s some advice: set up your own Advisory Board, and here are seven great reasons to do it today.


1. EXPERTISE YOU CAN’T BUY: Advisory Board members typically bring a combination of skill sets that are totally out of reach for most small businesses.…

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4 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Customer Relationship Programs.

Strong customer relationships are like money in the bank, literally.

Our world is constantly changing, big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Home Depot are dominating the landscape, promoting the promise of “one-stop shopping”, and the Internet is making it easier to make online purchases with limited human interaction. On the surface, these changes make it seem as though the customer is only concerned about swiftly making their product selections and racing to the check-out counter as quickly as possible.

Reality says that buyers are concerned about a lot more than one-stop shopping, speed of check-out and price. One of the other major deciding factors buyers are using to make a decision about what to buy and from whom is based on a dying art customer relationships.…

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Drowning in Information: The CEO Portal to the Rescue

In addition to Small Business CEO, there is another terrific portal for busy executives and CEO’s that provides hundreds of categorized links to the top information resources on the internet today. It is called CEO Express.

From newswires to magazines, analyst sites to international news, package tracking to
company research you can find it or at least a source.

Check out CEO Express

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Social Networking Travel Twist

Whether you are interested in meeting locals or fellow travelers during a trip or finding a “trip buddy” so you don’t have to travel alone, Tripmates’ interactive travel community gets you connected before you depart. Plus, as a Tripmates member you can create Trip Blogs and Trip Albums to share your travel journals and photos, find current and candid information about your destination from our member-created travel reviews and Trip Forum, ask a “trip guru” for insider advice about your destination, organize group trips with Tripvite, and explore all of the fun places your tripmates have discovered.

Check out Tripmates for the Social Networking Travel Site

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