Pursue the Passion – Summer Tour

The Pursue The Passion Tour is a movement to inspire and instill a passion within college students nationwide. It is a special project to encourage the exploration of goals and ambitions, and to pioneer personal development.

Live Update from Brett Farmiloe on the Tour:

After traveling 4,500 miles, conducting 40 interviews, and suffering two parking tickets and two close calls to the breakdown of our RV “Maggie,” I am proud to say that we are still “pursuing the passion.” The West Coast tour exceeded expectations and brought us closer to achieving our goal of 100 interviews this summer.

We are currently in Tucson, Arizona until June 27th when we will be traveling to New York City to conduct interviews until July 6th when we will be returning to Arizona. We then will be in the Chicago area August 1st-8th to complete the tour. Right now we are in the process of a few things.

One is finding interesting people to interview in New York or Chicago that have pursued their passion and have made a career out of that passion. If you know of anyone that would fit the theme of the trip please email me and we will try to fit them into our schedule.
The second is raising sponsorship money to help get the idea off the ground and into an actual program where other students can benefit from this. On the trip I have learned that it is one thing to read about something, but you never really know what it’s like until you experience it. By going to the actual place of business for these interviews, we have gotten the opportunity to see what it really is like to work for that certain company, and gotten a feel for the culture that is immersed within.

My goal is to ultimately be in a situation where this idea is a program, and where I am able to schedule interviews with companies to send students out for a day of interviews to see what it’s like in the business world. If you are interested in making a donation to help us achieve our goals, please visit our website at PursueThePassion.com and look for the “make a donation” box in the upper right hand corner. Anything helps! Also, make a comment about the trip and feel free to make a link to your own personal website at Pursue the Passion.

Thank you to all that have participated and taken interest in the trip, and be sure to visit the website to view our progress throughout the summer! Pursue The Passion!

We hope to have the interviewing team on Small Business Trends Radio later in the summer.


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