Going Beyond Personal Data Protection

A recent study conducted by researchers from Bristol University in the UK found that numerous betting firms were flouting strict advertising regulations in order to encourage children to engage with esports gambling. Like most other developed countries, there are strict and specific laws in place designed to protect British children from potentially damaging and addictive activities like gambling.

Business regulations

Betting Sites Targeting Children For eSports Betting

The researchers discovered that most online gambling firms were not using any kind of age verification to ensure that their adverts were not being placed in front of children. Furthermore, the researchers found that a quarter of all the online users responding to Twitter posts concerning betting odds for esports matches were aged under 16.…

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7 Things to Look Out For in a Good Point-Of-Service Software Solution

A reliable POS system is crucial for the success of any retail business. However, with several systems competing for first place on the market, settling on a final decision can pose a daunting task for the inexperienced small business owner.

Salon business using POS system

Apart from capturing your daily sales, a reliable POS can help you with the following:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Managing customers
  • Management of employees, among others

How do you identify the best POS system for your business to streamline your day-to-day operations? Before purchasing POS software, you’ll need to review the below factors before selecting an excellent point-of-service system that can increase accuracy, generate detailed receipts, and expand payment capabilities.…

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How to Refine Your Business’ SEO Endeavors

No business that wishes to remain competitive in the digital age can afford to treat SEO as an afterthought. With search engine optimization playing a large role in nearly every enterprise’s digital marketing efforts, businesses that shrug off SEO do so at their own peril.

Business SEO

As is the case with any type of marketing, digital or otherwise, a company’s search engine optimization efforts need to be tweaked and refined over time. In some instances, new and emerging trends help facilitate the need for change. Other times, a business’s lack of knowledge and hands-on experience with SEO creates the need for a shift in direction.…

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Ways to Find Someone Using Phone Number

In today’s world of technology, it is straightforward to do everything online with the Internet’s help. The time has evolved this much that you can even find anyone on the Internet by using any information that you know, like their name, phone number, address, or appropriate information.

People search by phone

If you want to find someone using their phone numbers, you are in the right place to find out how you can accomplish this particular task.

As you know, we are always here to help you, and for that, we have listed a few ways by which you can find someone using the phone number.…

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Banking Tips for Small Businesses

Money can either make or break your business. However, that doesn’t mean you’re paying attention where you should. By all means, keep track of money coming in, money going out, and strategies that can increase cash flow, but don’t forget about the basics—like your bank account.

Internet banking

Where you bank and the accounts you have matter. Make the most of your banking services by following these tips.

Know the Fees Associated With Certain Activities

Small business banking is anything but simple. Unfortunately, the potential complexity of business bank accounts can really add up. For example, it isn’t uncommon for banks to charge multiple fees, depending on how you use the account.…

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Here’s How to Change Your Data Analysis Strategy Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world and changed the way we do business, perhaps irrevocably. But as companies of all sizes have scrambled to adjust their day-to-day operations to minimize employee presence in office buildings and keep the workforce safe, data analytics has emerged as a tool that can help businesses not just survive, but thrive, under these new circumstances.

Data analysis strategy post-COVID

Even in the midst of a crisis, a solid data analytics strategy can protect your company. It can help you identify sources of revenue, reduce overhead, safeguard against fraud, and be ready to make another rapid operational shift if needed.…

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What to Do When Pandemic Affects Your Finances

In the event of a pandemic, such as the Covid-19 global disaster, one has to remain physically fit, but unfortunately, you might juggle some financial challenges. You should, however, know that you are not alone in this since millions of people are affected by the same pandemic.

Financial problems

During pandemics, there are high unemployment cases since most businesses shut down, and considering that some people consume all their income without saving, you have nothing to cover the unexpected emergencies. It’s essential to anticipate such situations and take steps that will enable you to manage your finances in the event of a pandemic.…

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How to Enhance your Marketing Campaigns with Next-level Technology

Today digital marketers are able to wield an unprecedented array of technological tools. More than ever before, they’re able to reach the right audience, and better able to persuade that audience.

Analyzing marketing campaign

But what exactly do these tools look like, and what might the future hold for them? Perhaps more importantly, how can you integrate them into your marketing campaigns?

Call-tracking Technology

Analysing your incoming calls can help you to identify where your leads are coming from. Through this information, you’ll be able to optimise your sales funnel and generate more conversions.

Naturally, certain sorts of business generate leads through search engines and banner ads.…

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Take your inventory and logistics management to the next level with an impact recorder

A savvy business owner is always looking for ways to save money, cut costs and protect their own inventory while simultaneously ensuring they take care of the customer. One major pain point along that journey is damaged inventory, equipment or supplies. A solution to the problem of protecting your assets is necessary both for loss prevention and saving money.

Inventory and logistics management

A superb way to take up a defensive position in your own inventory and logistics management is to use an impact recorder to keep an eye on what’s happening with your equipment, measuring and preventing damage in the process.

What is an impact recorder?

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How a Spend Visibility Service can Reveal Savings Opportunities for your Business

The battle to secure long term financial stability for your business rages each day. In light of present uncertain economic uncertainty, finding ways to save money and track your business spending is key to your continued success. Improper allocation of funds, overspending and hidden costs are all problems that need to be addressed to help your business achieve continued success.

Spending visibility service

Spend visibility is a vital business tool that helps you not only see where the money is going, but allows you to acquire a larger picture of how the money your business spends moves through the company. A competent spend visibility service can help you track where your funds are going while providing additional benefits in addition to helping you develop a plan to ensure the longevity of your business by understanding how the money is being used at every step of the purchase process.…

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