How to Create an Amazing Business Directory Profile – 5 Steps

You can probably recite your business’s elevator pitch by heart. You’ve said it, or something like it, hundreds of times in casual and professional conversations alike.

Business profile creation

Now, would you feel comfortable turning that elevator pitch into a full-length business directory profile? If you have a business website and a presence on LinkedIn, you’ve already taken steps toward making this a reality.

LinkedIn and your company website aren’t quite the same as, say, Crunchbase or, however. Business directories are different beasts. Not less important, just different.

Different media demand different tactics. That shouldn’t be a heavy lift for you and your team.…

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Why is Web Design so Important for Your Business?

When you have a business, it is vital that you try to attract people using a variety of different methods. In addition, you have to remember the importance of digital technology when it comes to marketing and operating your business. In today’s digital era, having a solid website has become more important than ever for those that want to see their business succeed.

Business website design

A couple of decades ago as we began our move into the digital age, a lot of businesses had websites. However, many people thought that just having a website was enough and did not put any real effort into web design, content, and quality.…

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Three Smart Ways to Start Investing Your Money

It’s never too early to start investing your money. If you have some extra cash set aside, no matter how small or large the sum, it’s best that you put this to good use.

Investing your money

Inflation will only cause your money to depreciate in value, therefore, investing your finances is a great way to increase your financial security. You don’t have to be a financial wizard in order to make a return on your investments.

Here are three smart ways that you can start to invest your money.

Investment Bonds

Investment bonds are a relatively risk-free way of making a return on your initial investments.

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How to Market Your Business on a Small Budget

It might seem like small businesses have to spend a fortune to advertise at events such as trade shows, fairs, and other local events. This, however, is not the case. Small businesses do not have to overpay for effective marketing materials.

Startup event participants

Exhibiting at a small show comes to around $2,000 while a larger show reaches around $10,000. The total expenses, however, do not have to be as much for every event. Many small companies find economical ways for getting the most out of their advertising displays and promotional items. Companies that reuse items and cheaper ways of advertising end up saving a lot of money.…

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Maximize the benefits of your PPC marketing

With a limited marketing budget, every dollar spent needs to deliver a return. Many marketers are using PPC (pay per click) as a way to track the results from their online ads, ensuring they can increase the effectiveness of their communications as well as their spending.

PPC marketing

Facebook is, without a doubt, the most popular platform for PPC advertising. While Twitter has the same capabilities, it is claimed that engagement up to 7 times higher on FB. In the end, where you choose to advertise will depend on the audience you’re aiming to attract: Linkedin, though not as popular as GoogleAds or Facebook, is aimed at a highly specific market, so may be the right choice depending on your service or product.…

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Video Calling Apps You Can Use to Make Virtual Calls From China Besides Skype

Without a doubt, video conferencing apps have reaped big in this COVID-19 pandemic era. Why? Because a significant percentage of employees have been forced by social distancing circumstances to work from home. Same can be said of VPN apps, and if you are yet to find a reliable VPN, read about Astrill China eligibility.

Video calling apps

Video conferencing apps have bridged the communication gap between companies/organization management and employees.

For those in China, or with clients in China, there is always the uncertainty of some apps being banned for various reasons. China is known for its strong internet policies and restrictions, which change from time to time.…

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Choosing a SEO Plan for Your SME: 10 Things to Consider

On this blog, we will look at the 10 best SEO tips for choosing your SEO plan for your SME.

SEO planning

photo credit: Fauxels /Pexels

Running an organization is a hard task. You might have a stable flow of truly remaining patrons, but we constantly want to make assured we have a group of new people.

Maintaining your website update can be a tough task, too. And your SEO might want a serious upgrade or maybe you have never done much with it at all, thinking it was too challenging or too costly.

Fortunately for you, you are not alone.

If you are experiencing trouble with your current SEO campaign, we are here for you, too!…

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Six Reasons Why Retail Stores Should Sell Gift Cards

Did you know that gift cards can help small businesses, such as retail stores? Gift cards are among the most common gifts for people of all ages, especially during birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and other occasions outside the holiday season. The giver can feel secure about their gifts and allow the recipient to choose what they want to buy out of the gift cards.

Retail gift cards

photo credit: LaniElderts / Flickr

Many retail stores today take advantage of gift cards to level up the experience of both the giver and the recipient. Today, you’ll find out the reasons why it’s a great idea to sell gift cards.…

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5 Nuggets of Wisdom From Wilbert Wynnberg to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There’s a common saying that “Nothing worth having ever comes easy”, and entrepreneurship takes that to the extreme.

Busy entrepreneur solving problems

Unlike what’s shown on social media, entrepreneurship is not all about the supercars, luxury brands, and vacations in exotic locations. Entrepreneurs spend years, maybe even decades of their lives starting and building their business, and even so, can still fail and be left with nothing at any point of time.

Of course, it is extremely rewarding to endure the hardships and emerge as a successful entrepreneur who has made an impact on others’ lives.

Wilbert Wynnberg is a Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker and 4x Bestselling Author.…

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How to Use People Search Engines to Find Anyone

Want to find someone, but you don’t have that person’s information except the name and city they live in?

Well, this is where people’s search engines can help you out. People search engines are beneficial when it comes to finding information about a specific person online.

People search engines

But there are not too many people who are aware of what people search engine is and how it works. If the same goes for you, I will talk about using people’s search engines to find anyone in this article.

So here we go:

What are people’s search engines?

People search engines are an online information broker.…

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