How Business Consulting Services Can Help Your Business to Grow

Business consulting services can help organizations make a fresh start if they’re floundering, chart a course for success if they’re just starting out or grow to new heights if they’re doing well and looking to grow wisely. This type of service has become more important for a number of businesses in the wake of the recent economic downturn that forced many enterprises to cut costs drastically just to stay afloat.

How Business Consulting Services Can Help Your Business to Grow

Investing in business advisory consulting may seem counterintuitive for a business trying to keep costs down, but the return on the investment can be substantial and long lasting, and more than worth the initial expenditure in the end.…

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Did you know that China has built the world’s  largest shopping mall?   I had no idea that this 7 million square foot mall even existed.   Yes it exists, but it has not been nearly as successful as they had hoped.  

Due to poor planning and lack of market research, the South China Mall sits nearly empty.   Anita Campbell, an  American Express Open Forum  small business expert, discusses the importance of planning in the article titled “The World’s Largest Mall Offers A Lesson“.  

It really is necessary  to establish that there is a demand for your product or service before you make that leap.    …

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Seeing Your Invention Thru From Start to Finish

Ron Balla had a really great idea for a product.   His brother worked as a police officer and found a need for a more secure way to detain suspects and preserve evidence.   This resulted in the invention of The Balla Base.  

Ron was a recent guest on The Small Business Trends Radio show where he discussed how he took his idea,  developed it  into a prototype and is preparing  it for the market.   Listen to the show, “How To Get Your Invention To The Market”, if you have a great idea for a product and you want to hear about Ron’s personal experience.…

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Improving Your Decision Making Process

Every single day, not just in business, we face the challenge of making the right decision. Some of these decisions can impact our lives and businesses forever.    Considering the pressure involved; how can we make better, more informed decisions?

Benjamin Jones, Founder of Ben Means Business, offers some valuable tips in his blog article titled “8 Steps To Effective Decision Making.”     Benjamin offers tips and strategies to better analyze your decisions and identify problems that may exist.

One thing that I  think can be an important factor in decision making –  following your gut instinct.   Recently over at Small Business Trends Radio, featured guest Lynn Robinson discusses this topic in the podcast titled “If Your Intuition  Is Talking, Listen!

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Facts to Trends to Knowledge

I love learning about interesting factoids they help me learn about the world and plan for change. Below are some interesting ones from Chief Executive Magazine.

  • Price of a Venti Mocha in Moscow: $8.98, price in New York City: $4.71
  • Percentage of Japanese women in their 20’s who own an Louis Vitton item, 94.3%
  • Average age of US Senators: 60, the oldest average in history
  • Difference in the number of days in session between the 110th Congress and the 100th, 150 days
  • Price per month that Japanese consumers pay for one megabyte per second of Internet Service: 27 cents
  • Factor by which American internet consumers pay more for the same service: 12 times
  • Frequent flier miles awarded by US Airlines over the last 25 years: 19 Trillion
  • Budget for the University of Florida Athletic Department: $69 Million
  • Budget for the University of Florida English Department: $6.3 Million
  • Ratio of US adults who did not read a single book last year: 25%
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Paper Clip 2.0 – It Was Only a Matter of Time, a Long Time

From time to time I like to highlight new business and product ideas.

This is about an innovation to a product that hasn’t changed since 1899. Check out for more info.Clip-Rite clips

What do you get when you cross a paper clip with a sticky note? Clip-Tabs(tm) by Clip-rite(tm), the first real innovation to the paper clip since it was invented in 1899.

A new 2-in-1 instant organizing product for taming the paper monster, Clip-Tabs are now available at more than 1,100 Office Depot stores nationwide, with distribution coming to all OfficeMax stores this October and other major outlets set for later this year.

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Stuck In a Rut – Ten Actions to Achieve Freshness Today

Are you or your team stuck in a rut, new ideas just don’t seem to occur, everyone is almost zombi like in adherence to how things have always been done?

Do you need new ideas, would some fresh thinking be a booster shot for your business, then read on.

Here are Ten Actions you can take to Achieve Freshness Today:

  1. Take a new form of transportation to work.
  2. Read a new magazine or watch a new TV show.
  3. Plan a lunch with people you never lunch with.
  4. Get out of your normal work environment for a half-day per week.
  5. Ask your family (especially your kids) to help solve a problem you are working on.
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Unique Business Idea – Wedding Ring Coffin

Wedding Ring CoffinThis is one really unique business idea. I suppose if you really need to get closure on your divorce then this might help the divorce grieving process.

Here is the marketing pitch:

Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place. The Wedding Ring Coffin is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one for bringing closure after a divorce. It’s time to…

Bury the past and move on
to a new tomorrow

Check out

*My thanks to for the tip on this product.

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Dry Erase Surfaces – Bring Em On I Say

I love erasable whiteboards, for some reason drawing while I think through ideas helps me improve my thinking. I wish everything was dry erasable, walls, desks, doors and more.

Well GE Brazil is trying to get the whole thing started with their new dry erasable refrigerators or what they like to call sketch-a-fridge. My kids would love that, we alread have a gallery of ART and 200 word magnets on our refrigerator.

Check out the Dry Erase Refrigerator.…

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Patent and Trademark Protection – How to Protect Yours

*A Tip of the Hat to Newsletter for this information.  

Last year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) received almost 260,000 trademark application filings, an increase of 8.4% over the previous year. Why is trademark registration so popular? Because more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of going the extra mile to protect their business names, product names, domain names, logos and slogans.

While federal trademark registration is not required, it offers many benefits:

  • Gives constructive notice nationwide of your claim to the trademark (and the right to use the ® symbol);
  • Provides evidence of your ownership of the trademark;
  • Enables you to invoke the jurisdiction of federal courts to protect your trademark;
  • Serves as a basis for obtaining registration in foreign countries; and
  • Allows you to file with the U.S.
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