Useful Tips From The Math Experts to Get 90+ Marks in Math Class 10 Board Exams

A good number of students are found to fear the Math subject although it is the highest scoring one among the lot. For some it can be fun playing with the figures and formulas, but for others a real nightmare.

Class 10 Math

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Class 10 requires students to be sincere and practice the different chapters and sums a lot to score well in the boards. Students can seek class 10 maths ncert solutions from reputed coaching centers like Cuemath and improve their studies.

Getting full marks in the Math subject

Many students are of the belief that it is only those with an intelligent brain who tend to score full 100 marks in the math subject. However, it is not a true fact. On the contrary, practicing this subject properly helps students to develop a logical approach and rational thinking. Since it involves lots of calculations and formulas, students find it tough to start liking and loving this subject overnight. But with some tips from the subject experts, it is possible to improve Math score significantly. Taking help of the math experts will enable you to know the right ways to score full marks in Class 10 board exams.

Tips to prepare

1. Identify solutions by yourself

There are various types of math problems in class 10. Try to do the examples first and then start the exercises. Make sure to solve these sums by yourself without external assistance. Learning the concepts and theories present is easy. However, learning the applications is a bit tough and requires rational thinking and lots of practice. To get full marks in this subject, every question has to be solved by yourself. You should practice each chapter 2-3 times to get a better grasp over the sums.

2. Separate register to write down methods, theories and formulae

Math involves lots of concepts, theories, formulae and it should be kept handy all the time. Read and memorise them properly. It should be on your fingertips always. Different types of formulas are used for different types of sums. Remember, most chapters in class 10 are interrelated. Practicing throughout the year and last-minute revision will do the trick to score high marks.

3. Determine improvement areas

Get to know the areas that require more focus. This will enable you to score better. Try to solve sample papers, give mock tests as much as possible to identify the sections which require more practice to improve scores.

4. Know the syllabus

You should understand the syllabus well, give proper weight to different sections. This will help determine the amount of time to be devoted to each section. If some specific section involves 5-mark questions, then it will not be worth it to spend excess time practicing that section or chapter. Hence, get to know the important chapters from where more questions and marks will come in the exam. Accordingly distribute the priorities.

What to consider while giving the exam?

1. Answer in steps

Special attention is to be given to the steps. This can be done by going through the answer. Step writing is crucial since you cannot just write the answer to get full marks in this subject. Hence, being focused only on figures will be a sheer waste of time. Rather, involve steps as is required for the sum and you are likely to get step marking.

2. Write neatly

The exam paper is where you get to write the answers and do the sums. Once submitted, it will be checked manually by a board-certified teacher. Hence, make sure that the paper used is neat and clean and the writing is legible and good looking. Cut clean margins to do rough work and avoid overwriting.

3. Attempt all familiar questions first

First read all the questions thoroughly in the given extra time and know which ones are familiar to you that you have practiced before. Attempt those questions first as you can do it quickly and correctly, thereby saving more time to do the complicated ones.


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