5 Brilliant Health and Beauty Business Ideas

Have you been thinking about working for yourself for some time but you’re not sure what you’d like to do?

After years working in the same salaried job, it can be tricky choosing the right employment sector to migrate to – especially if you feel like a total change.

Massage therapy business

But how about the health and beauty field? Helping people to have longer, happier, healthier lives and to feel better about their appearances is extremely rewarding – not to mention lucrative – so it’s definitely worth consideration.

Whether you want to personally retrain as a practitioner or prefer to take a management role and invest some funds in a new venture, here are five brilliant health and beauty business ideas that might just inspire you to take a leap of faith and start doing something you love every day.

1. Barber

Once regarded as a rough and ready relation to the more upmarket hair salon, the humble barbershop has enjoyed an amazing resurgence in recent years, with trendy trimmers popping up on plenty of street corners.

The best barbers get their branding bang on and some even branch out into merch and spinoffs like coffee shops – take a look at an on-point barbers like Hard Grind for inspiration.

2. Massage

Few things feel better than a massage to destress after a tough week and revitalize those tired muscles.

These days, we need to relax more than ever, so a massage salon could be a good investment and offering a mobile service would increase your customer reach even further. The National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapy (NAMMT) can offer advice – find them online.

3. Dentist

If you’ve ever seen hit TV show 10 Years Younger, you’ll know just how transformative getting your teeth restored can be – so it’s a sure thing that dentists will never go out of fashion.

Breaking through as a newcomer in the dentistry business isn’t easy but it is lucrative and worthwhile. For inspiration, look at how an established firm like Bicester Smile Clinic does things.

4. Juice bar

Are you a whizz with wheatgrass shots? Do you know one end of a blender from another?

Health-enhancing juices made with fresh fruit and exotic ingredients like spirulina are increasingly popular and health-conscious people like to hang out together. Combine these two drivers in your own juice bar and you could be laughing all the way to the bank. Websites like Startup Jungle have plenty of tips on this type of enterprise.

5. Mindfulness retreat

Into mindfulness, meditation and yoga?

Why not live a life less ordinary and open a mindfulness retreat in a beautiful part of the country?

You would be living somewhere stunning and committing yourself to a business that makes people’s lives better – what’s not to love? Take a look at The Mindfulness Network to get a feel of the types of services you may offer.

There you have them – 5 brilliant health and beauty business ideas. Choose the enterprise that suits you best and go for it!


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