3 Side-hustles You Can Convert to Full Time Careers

As we move falteringly towards the post-pandemic era, the world has changed permanently.

But perhaps not all of these changes will be for the worst – employment is one area where it’s possible that workers might enjoy better life-work balance once the dust settles.

Visual artist as a side hustle

photo credit: Dusan Jovic / Unsplash

This is the era of ‘the Great Resignation’ – when millions of dissatisfied workers with an entirely new perspective on what’s important in life are ready to resign their jobs in favour of making a living doing things which make them happier and healthier (as well as paying bills).

One way to make the transition from salaried employment to being a self-employed entrepreneur is by switching your side-hustle into your main occupation. That job you do in the evening or on weekends to earn some extra pennies could be the key to wealth, health and happiness.

So without further ado, here are three side-hustles you can convert to full-time careers.

1. Freelance copywriting

Dabble a little in freelance copywriting?

If it’s something you’re already getting paid for in your spare time, there’s no reason you can’t do it for a living.

However, you might want to sharpen your skills to appeal to a wider clientele and establish a few retainer clients for security. You should also join a professional alliance like ProCopywriters – you’ll network with fellow writers, upskill with courses and find gig opportunities.

Before you know it, you could be tapping away on that keyboard completing all manner of exciting writing projects for high paying clients – there are worse ways to spend your working day!

2. Visual art

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Banksy?

Or maybe your visual art style is more reminiscent of old-school masters like Van Gogh or Picasso?

Either way, imagine how much you could excel (and profit) if you could dedicate yourself full-time to your art instead of flogging your wares at weekend flea markets and painting when you’re tired after your day job.

You’ll need to bolster your savings before launching into a full-time art career because it might take a while to establish yourself. Joining a site like Patreon can help because you can earn an income from supporters by offering them special deals and exclusive sneak peaks of works in progress.

3. Cleaning

Do you currently clean houses after hours, tidying work and living areas, hoovering carpets and refreshing upholstery?

Some full-time workers who are early birds with plenty of stamina like this type of work because it can be squeezed into their working days very early in the morning, leaving enough time to get to their 9-5s. But it can be a full-time occupation too!

If your primary experience is in domestic cleaning, you may not be able to offer the types of industrial restoration and commercial cleaning offered by the likes of Advanced Chem-Dry. But for non-specialised services, you can build up a roster of loyal clients and start making some serious money.

Hopefully this hattrick of convertible side-hustles has convinced you to take the plunge and steer your career in a more positive direction – good luck!


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