Your Business and Inspiring Social Change

Everyday people form the backbone of charitable giving in the USA, but business is a driving force behind that, with the National Philanthropic Trust finding that charitable business assets totaled $85bn. A clear sign of the importance US corporations place on philanthropy, these numbers only increase as foundations like the Gates’ influence smaller companies. What, exactly, motivates business to give money away to those less fortunate?

Charity partnership

Brand and reputation are linked to charity but that’s not the only reason. It seems counterintuitive also to give money away freely, so money might not be the benefit. Instead, look at the stories of philanthropy, and how they inspire social change; in the end, everyone is benefited, including the business.…

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How to Use Charity to Develop Your Brand

Americans are the most charitable people in the world. Private philanthropy in the US has the size of around 1.4% of the country’s GDP, which is almost twice as much as the next most charitable country in the world, Canada. 67% of American households donate an average of 4% of their incomes to charity.

With 71% of total charitable donations, individuals are the biggest charity donors in the country. That is surprising for many reasons, including the fact that charitable giving can come with significant benefits to businesses. If you are a business owner, a CEO, or someone in charge of the development of a brand, here’s how you can leverage charitable activities to further develop your brand.…

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