4 Ways to Donate to Charity

If you are feeling philanthropic but are overwhelmed by the choices of how to give back, here are four ways to get started. Donating in some form can be a huge help to your community and can even help boost your morale.

Non-profit donations

Don’t let decision fatigue stop you from doing some good – take a look at these relatively simple ways you can donate to charity.

Donate money

When you hear the word ‘donation,’ giving money is probably one of the first things your mind jumps to – and for good reason. Donating money to causes you care about is an excellent way to keep those organizations operational.

If you’re thinking about donating money, first, you should decide whom you want to receive your money. Are there any causes that are near and dear to your heart? You can start there! Many nonprofit organizations have a variety of ways you can donate money ranging from online forms for your credit or debit card, writing and mailing a physical check, or even setting up a recurring monetary donation.

If you would prefer to donate to a charity that is smaller or more grassroots, many have also been setting up ‘wish list’ accounts where you can buy specific items they need that will be mailed to them (think a local animal shelter that needs everything from medicine to food to toys).

Donate stuff

Donating your physical stuff might have an immediate benefit to you, too! Have you been procrastinating going through your closet? Are there some household items gathering dust in the back of your kitchen cabinets? Is there that one piece of furniture you inherited from your great aunt Tilly that you have been desperate to get rid of? There is no time like the present to go through your home and look for items that you no longer use, need, or enjoy and donate them to charity.

You can find local nonprofit thrift stores where the proceeds go to a cause. Just check their website before going over for any guidelines you might need to follow.

Donate your time

A great way to give back is to donate your time and presence to an organization you care about. If you are ready to volunteer consistently, you can start by reaching out to local nonprofit organizations you’re interested in to see what their volunteer efforts are like. Be sure to note that some require more time and commitment than others, so only take on what you know you can realistically handle within your schedule.

Donating your time can also be a lot of fun! Think of your hobbies and see if you can apply them to giving back. Do you love gardening? Maybe your local park gets together to plant flowers. Would you rather spend time with cats than people? Check out a local shelter to see if they need kitty playmates. Remember, there are ways you can give back and enjoy yourself in the process.

Make it part of your legacy

Donating can provide a lot of joy and emotional satisfaction. So much so, that you might want to consider ways you can make this a part of your life’s legacy. If so, one thing to consider is listing a charity as a beneficiary of your life insurance.

A permanent life insurance policy like universal life insurance, which is designed to pay a death benefit no matter when you die, can ensure the charity receives a donation after you pass away.  If the idea of benefiting future generations via an endowment with your life insurance death benefit is something that intrigues you, your next step could be to talk to your policy advisor about options.



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