4 Ways to Donate to Charity

If you are feeling philanthropic but are overwhelmed by the choices of how to give back, here are four ways to get started. Donating in some form can be a huge help to your community and can even help boost your morale.

Non-profit donations

Don’t let decision fatigue stop you from doing some good – take a look at these relatively simple ways you can donate to charity.

Donate money

When you hear the word ‘donation,’ giving money is probably one of the first things your mind jumps to – and for good reason. Donating money to causes you care about is an excellent way to keep those organizations operational.…

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10 Effective Ways Used by Nonprofits To Boost Donations

Nonprofit campaigns are a convenient method to raise funds for a range of causes – owing to its efficiency and ease of use. Hence, it only makes sense to take advantage of these campaigns.

Non-profit donations

Whether you want to raise money to renovate a school, buy lunch for poor kids, gifts for the elderly, or whatever your goal is; fundraising is the easiest way to accomplish it.

However, collecting donations is not an easy task. You need to market and spread awareness about your cause before initiating donations.

If you want to boost your donations effectively, below are the 10 best ways to achieve it.…

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Creating A Socially Responsible For-Profit Company

We have all heard about corporate social responsibility and we all know how important it is to give back to the community. In fact, there are various initiatives led by large companies such as HSBC, IBM and yes, even American Idol has joined the fray.

creating socially responsible for-profit

One might say that it’s all good for businesses who earn big money to lend a helping hand to the community but should small business owners be exempt from participating in this noble and worthy cause just because we aren’t in the same financial boat? Should social consciousness be calculated based on how much a company is earning per capita?…

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