10 Effective Ways Used by Nonprofits To Boost Donations

Nonprofit campaigns are a convenient method to raise funds for a range of causes – owing to its efficiency and ease of use. Hence, it only makes sense to take advantage of these campaigns.

Non-profit donations

Whether you want to raise money to renovate a school, buy lunch for poor kids, gifts for the elderly, or whatever your goal is; fundraising is the easiest way to accomplish it.

However, collecting donations is not an easy task. You need to market and spread awareness about your cause before initiating donations.

If you want to boost your donations effectively, below are the 10 best ways to achieve it.

1. Create A Functional Website

Instead of focusing on an attractive website, ensure its interface is smooth. A complicated website can drive away potential donors. Also, optimize your website and emails for different mobile devices.

Apart from that, your website needs an attention-grabbing element such as a ‘’Donate Now’’ button. Having a striking and accessible button ensures your users won’t have to search for it.

The attention grabber can also be your social proof. Social proof displays the contributions of other people to potential contributors. This urges them to do the same.

2. Share Relevant Content

If your primary aim is to boost donations, your end goal should be to retain them. The foolproof way of achieving that is by developing content for your cause.

People are emotional beings. By sharing moving and inspirational stories your cause can benefit tremendously. Your content can be in the form of blogs, YouTube videos, or newsletters.

3. Leverage Social Media

The more people know about your cause, the more donations you’ll raise. And the easiest way to spread the word about your cause is through social media.

To gain exposure through social media you can do the following:

  • Utilize promoted posts.
  • Use Google Adwords.
  • Add a share button on your website, donation form, and emails.
  • Create shareable content.
  • Establish a social media presence.
  • Ask your contributors to share your website with others.

4. Brand Your Donation Platform

It helps if you take extra efforts to brand your donation platform. Your donation page design makes or breaks the deal.

If your donation page is bland without any kind of personalization, people may doubt it.

You can brand your page with;

  • A unique logo.
  • Customized templates and a donation button.
  • A custom color theme.

Ultimately, a donor should wish to visit your page again bearing gifts.

5. Use Giving Levels

Instead of leaving a blank space for donors to fill an amount, use giving levels. They suggest a few pre-set amounts to donors which may influence and boost donations.

With no suggested amounts, people donate lesser amounts than they would with giving levels.

6. Make Simple Donation Forms

Nobody likes complicated things, especially when filling donation forms. Hence, make your donation forms simple and straightforward.

Ask minimum information as people don’t like sharing too much information or filling out long forms. At the same time, keep the donation page free from any clutter, irrelevant information, or videos.

7. Initiate Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

To increase awareness of your campaign, encourage peer-to-peer fundraising. In this method, you trust your regular contributors to raise donations for your organization.

It’s a low-cost approach to boost donations. This also gives you the time to work on different initiatives and events while your loyal donors spread awareness.

8. Enable Recurring Donations

Monthly or annual donation plans let donors make regular contributions. For this reason, consider a recurring donation campaign. It ensures a steady flow of income for your organization while retaining donors.

By branding your donation page along with a simple donation form, your chance of increasing regular donors increases.

9. Acknowledge Your Donors

Always acknowledge the efforts of your donor’s selfless act. When you appreciate the gifts of your donors they feel recognized.

Send them personalized emails, shout-outs on social media, and updates about the campaign’s success. This makes donors feel a part of your campaign, which further boosts donations.

10. Share The Impact Of Donations

Finally, be transparent with your supporters. This is another sure-fire way of increasing and retaining donors.

If you want people to donate more, you need to let them know the impact their contribution can make. Engage with your donors and share with them the result of their contributions.


After raising enough funds for a particular project, update the donors about how the project went. Show them what they’ve accomplished.

This allows you to gain their trust, which increases the possibility of future donations.


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